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Dog lovers seek to amend 'No Pets' policy on airport.

A group of dog aficionados has sought for the amendment of the 'No Pets Allowed' policy of domestic airlines.

The Metropolitan Pitbull and Bully Club (MPBC) is asking the help of the City Council to support them on their call.

Jed Grino, MPBC president, sent a letter to Councilor Conrado Baluran, council chair of the committee on transportation and communications, to convey his sentiments.

MPBC, according to the letter, is registered as a non-stock/profit organization under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with primary purpose to promote the said breeds of dogs including awareness and welfare.

'Our concern lies on the standing policy of our domestic airlines company 'No Pets Allowed.' Since then, we are having trouble bringing our pets to places where events are placed,' Grino said.

According to Grino, the policy has made it hard for them to transport their pets through plane, which is a part of their usual activities given the nature of their advocacy.

'By nature of our interests as dog hobbyists, we enjoin and partake to scheduled events in line with our advocacy. We need to travel our dogs nationwide and the most comfortable and safest means of transporting these animals are through planes,' Grino said.

With their appeal to the City Council, Grino hopes a legislation will be enacted in favor of them.

'In unison with the clamor of other organized dog aficionado, we are appealing to your good office to look for possible legislative measures to resolve such issue. We are much willing to cooperate in our end to be of good help to your committee,' he said.

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Publication:Mindanao Times (Mindanao, Philippines)
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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