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Dog doo? Good God!

Many additional palindromes can be found on my website

1 xxxxxxx Xxxxx "Pomp and Circumstance" composer has no shabby clothes

2 xxxx Xxx xxx X xxx x xxxxxx Scottish maid Ava noticed that I was an indentured servant of a feudal lord

3 X xxx x xxxx, Xxx, xx xxxxxxxx X.X. Terrorist tells Dorothy he received a message to blow up a soldier

4 Xxxxxxx-Xxxxx xxx Spirits jointly distilled by two African nations

5 XXX, Xx, xx xxxxxx What's my line, Ebenezer? The mating habits of Eurasian goats

6 Xxx xxx, xxx Xxx--xxx xxxxxxxx! Abraham, getting on in years, is told his father has been taken sick from a tainted sucker

7 xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxx Reinforced a large container for the last course of a meal

8 XXX XXXXXX XX, XXX, xx? This advertisement kicks butt, doesn't it, Abraham?

9 xxxxx xxxxxxx, Xxx Salvatore is told to capture pygmy chimps using a rope

10 xxxxxx xxx xxxx Bring fresh air to the exercise run for cats and dogs

11 Xxx! xxxxxxx Xxxxx xx x xxx! Heavens! This stupid Russian leader is a real cipher!

12 xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, Xx Eleanor is asked to reduce the uncertainty

13 Xxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxx xxx Yugoslavian cold war leader painted a picture of a Roman emperor's breast

14 xxxxxxxx Xxx x xxx Chicago newspaper headline extolling the virtues of a highly-paid baseball player

15 xxx Xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx Sister Anna doesn't care for marijuana

16 xxx x xxxxxx xxxxx Harangue a diminutive heathen

17 xxxxxx xxxx xxx Neat apartment occupied by a private school student

18 X xxxxxx xx This well-known irrational number is my favorite

19 Xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx Clinton's attorney-general finds Beano a success

20 xxxx! xxxxxx Xx, xxxxxxx Darn! Fur-clad Eleanor, born out of wedlock

21 xxxx xx x xxxxxx What the actor got when he tried out for the role of an ancient despot

22 xxxxxx xxxx xxx Synagogue janitors get together

23 Xx, xx Xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx Xxx Maurice, financial bets by me on declining iron prices baffled Mother

24 Xxx, X'x xx x xxxxx Mystery writer Stout's girlfriend tells him she is attending an informal dance

25 Xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx Coach Stuart demands that opposing teams be overwhelmed

26 xxx'x xxxx Xxxxxxx xxxx Xxxxxx We compel an ascetic Palestinian sect to search for a Dutch beer

27 Xxxxxx xxxxx xx xx xxx Xxx Rex, this Persian king gave his former wife a bedroom workout

28 xxx, Xxx, xxxx xxxxxxxxx Someone points out to Gilbert frilly nightgowns for men

29 xxxxxxx xxx xxx Scott Joplin's syncopated piece about people discussing trash

30 xx xxxxx, Xxxxx, xxx Muslims promising their God that they will make their own clothes

31 xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx'x The onion belongs to the Iranian religious leader

32 xx, Xxx! Xxxx xx xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx That's a laugh, Lillian! Oriental Edna shears Samson

33 "xx, X.X," xxxx xxxxxxx "Hey, get your bunkum here," cried the kid selling papers

34 xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxx Mark Twain, give this French impressionist a rubdown

35 xxx xxxx A theater location for self-important people

36 xxxx xxxxx Formal court orders regarding prison

37 Xxx Xxxx X.X. xxxx Insufferable Uncle Remus infant is a college graduate

38 xx! xx xxxx, xxxx xxx! Exhortation to an Iditarod canine owned by a Japanese wrestler

39 xxxxx x xxxx Xxx Stop the senior Massachusetts senator from streaking

40 Xxx xx Xxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxx Prince Andrew's girlfriend took a hot pepper to a Himalayan country

41 Xxx xxxxxx x Xxxxx xxxxxx The cotton gin inventor failed to see an allusion to Hell

42 Xxx xx xx xx x xxx In her present state, Margaret is a jewel


1 ragless Elgar 2 lass Ava saw I was a vassal 3 I get a note, Dot, to detonate GI 4 Nigeria-Zaire gin 5 sex, Eb, in ibexes 6 Pop ill, old Abe--bad lollipop! 7 buttressed a dessert tub 8 one badass ad, Abe, no? 9 lasso bonobos, Sal 10 aerate pet area 11 God! asinine Lenin is a dog! 12 lessen iffiness, El 13 Tito rendered Nero tit 14 megabuck Cub a gem 15 sib Anna cottons not to cannabis 16 nag a petite pagan 17 dapper prep pad 18 I prefer pi 19 Reno gas is a goner 20 drat, sabled El, bastard 21 part as a satrap 22 temple help met 23 Mo, my Fe puts did stupefy Mom 24 Rex, I'm at a mixer 25 Stu ordered routs 26 let's make Essenes seek Amstel 27 Xerxes taxed ex at sex, Rex 28 see, Gil, gent negligees 29 garbage gab rag 30 we shall, Allah, sew 31 shallot Ayatollah's 32 ha, Lil! Edna is an Asian Delilah 33 "Yo, B.S." went newsboy 34 massage Degas, Sam 35 ego Ioge 36 stir writs 37 tar baby B.A. brat 38 go! do mush, sumo dog! 39 deter a bare Ted 40 Koo to Nepal ajalapeno took 41 Eli missed a Hades simile 42 Meg as is is a gem


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