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Dog day afternoon.

With the Tampa Am contest being the only respectful means (in the last few years) for up-and-coming hot shoes to get theirs, the good folks at Cowtown Skateboard Shop in sunny Phoenix, AZ threw together a fun event in hopes of raising money for the expansion of the existing Desert West Skatepark. Desert West is the original superpark of the recent skatepark boom, and although its miles of ledges, banks, and um/er flat-ground are still fun to skate, some newer and perhaps more challenging terrain would make it that much better. Trent, Laura, and Ed of Cowtown built some modern obstacles (i.e., a handrail box) in hopes of keeping the competitors happy.

Making the cut and looking good in Saturday's qualifiers were Toy Machine Ams Billy Marks and Josh Harmony, City Stars' Devin Calloway, as well as Think Ams Sean Payne and Danny Fuenzalida. Saturday night we were told by Think TM Matt McGinley to be on our best behavior, 'cause the bosses Greg Carroll and Bruce Rodella (who were footing my bill) were flying in to support their team. I'm not sure what that meant, seeing as how later that evening at a party for the skaters a half-naked, booze-soaked Rodella was seen causing a near riot in the beer garden. By the end of the night most of the team were shirtless, which made for some interesting cab rides back to the hotel. I guess what he meant was best rouge behavior.

Sunday was finals and I guess I'm not much of a journalist because I really can't remember the contest, although I do remember that Billy Marks did three-flip lipslides on the handrail, DJ Chavez did some bitchin' hardflips, and during best Trick Sean Payne landed three amazing tricks (nollie over-crooks, backside 180 nosegind forward, and nollie front nose) in one line and still didn't win. Lucky's Danny Wallace came up $1000 with a nollie heels backside 50-50 on the rail for best trick, and despite getting kicked out of his room and having to sleep in an abandoned train boxcar, Billy Marks won the whole shebang. Thanks to Cowtown for putting on the contest. See you next year.


1) Billy Marks

2) Danny Wallace

3) Trevor Dunnitt

4) Josh Hawkins

5) Jake Palu

6) Andy Bohna

7) Jack Curtin

8) Josh Harmony

9) DJ Chavez

10) Pablo Favela
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Title Annotation:skateboard competition in Phoenix, Az
Author:Davidson, Keith Eric
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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