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Dog Sled Dawn.

 Simone Rivard Michaela Sullivan David Rivard en famille
 speaking to you, Sam Walker dying-- walking by your house, what's
that in the rain? Your sign advises victors, I mean it warns visitors,
watch out, railing broken
-- your handrail rinkadink aluminum, and it's cracked, & the
door it heads to is painted purple, Tahitian Plum
the Sherwyn-Williams Co. calls it-- Dog Sled Dawn
 perhaps the tag you'd have loved. Watch out
--I get it, Sam--in lieu of hexagram wisdom, in lieu of divination via
cooling entrails, pony shadow, runes, green tea leaves in drag, jellied
turtle, or squirrel tracks--I get it, totally-- ask for no promises, go
this way carefully, serve your people, be cheerful, ample, feel
increasingly forgiving if incapable of being heroic, be heroic, so far
as that goes. 

DAVID RIVARD'S newest book, Otherwise Elsewhere, is just out from Graywolf Press. He teaches in the MFA writing program at the University of New Hampshire.
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Title Annotation:eight poems
Author:Rivard, David
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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