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Does modern thermal medicine need new standardized terminology?

Keywords: Thermal Medicine, Terminology

Introduction and Objectives

Thermal medicine is one of the oldest branch of medicine treating patients with chronic diseases. Because of regional differences in natural substances and treatments methods, that part of medicine doesn't have a homogeneous English terminology, methodology of since researches, methods to measure treatment results. Improvement of modern medicine technology also required new English terminology.

Lack of common English terminology make difficulties in compare and analyzing researches from different countries. That fact affect negative on metaanalyzing results in accordance with EBM, where researches has problem to match keywords to searching in data bases.

Taking those problems into account, during last meeting of Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine we discused about terminology and science's collaboration on Thermal Medicine. In time of debate we settled the only one common definition: "Thermal Medicine", which previes named spa medicine, also declaration about international cooperation ("balneodeclaration") was signed in.

Materials and Methods

Based on those establishes we created Discussing Work Group, which in time since November 2011 until February 2012 discussed about most important and general definitions from Thermal Medicine.

We obtain a agreement of text in all discussed group of definition. It's only introduction of work In further part of works we will include about 300 - 500 terms.


Main purpose of the lecture is to present proposition of 23 balneological definitions in English, which were discussed in international experts group and given under discussion to forward action on homogeneous writing.

Definitions include terminology from: balneology, climatotherapy and partly from hydrotherapy. Few of experts whom active taken a part in work of group suggested changes to some definitions.


Definitions settled by Disscusung Group will be published and suggested to use like a recommendation by international group of experts if all members of group will joint to work and accept results of this work.

In case of disagreement about sense of further work, cooperation will be determine to "Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine" and also in those associations which will active take part in further work. Finally result of our work will be publishing "Balneological Dictionary"( Balneoencyclopaedia) which include all settled definitions in English.

Chojnowski J (1), Ponikowska (1)

(1)Department of Balneology and Physical Medicine, Ciechocinek, Poland

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Title Annotation:Scientific Sessions: New Trends 4--Dermo-cosmetological issues Session 13; texto en ingles
Author:Chojnowski, J.; Ponikowska, I.
Publication:Anales de Hidrologia Medica
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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