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Does Meghan Markle Have A New Nickname?

Not long after Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in May 2018, the former "Suits" star was reportedly called "Duchess Difficult" by palace employees. Recently, there has been speculation that the pregnant 37-year-old has gotten a new nickname by royal staff members.

For almost a year, Meghan was rumored to be demanding and difficult to deal with by palace employees. Following reports suggesting her level of diva antics has increased, one royal commentator slammed reports claiming the Duchess of Sussex is now being called "Me-gain" by palace employees.

According to the ( Express UK , Victoria Murphy isn't convinced Meghan's alleged "self-centered style" has earned her the supposed nickname. "When it comes to Me-gain, it's not very catchy and I have to say I haven't been able to corroborate this with anyone," the royal expert shared.

"I've spoken to someone who said this is not correct, that name is not used. I think there's a sense among some of slight bafflement as to where this has come from."

Rather than assuming the worst of the former actress, Murphy suggested outsiders consider ( Meghan's journey from Hollywood actress to Duchess of Sussex before criticizing Prince Harry's wife.

"Meghan moving over the UK, giving up her career and starting a whole new, very different life in her mid-30s 6 there has been some adapting that's needed to go one and it's not been all plain sailing," she explained.

"This kind of narrative of huge feuds and all of this stuff about her being very difficult has been blown out of proportion."

Along with being labeled difficult, Meghan has also been rumored to be feuding with ( Prince William's wife Kate Middleton . Despite the speculation, the women have been nothing but cordial to one another whenever they attend the same events.

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Date:Mar 29, 2019
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