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Doctrine update.


U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center
Directorate of Training
Doctrine Division

Publication  Title           Date          Description

Current Publications

FM 3-19.1    Military        22 Mar 01     A keystone manual that is
             Police          C1 31 Jan 02  the foundation for all
             Operations                    military police doctrine.
                                           This manual communicates
                                           (to all levels of leadership
                                           and staff) how the military
                                           police provide a flexible
                                           and scalable force capable
                                           of full-spectrum operations.
                                           Status: Under revision
                                           FY 08.

FM 3-19.4    Military        4 Mar 02      A manual that addresses
             Police          C1 17 Dec 07  military police maneuver and
             Leaders                       mobility support, area
             Handbook                      security, internment/
                                           resettlement (I/R),
                                           law-and-order, and police
                                           intelligence operations
                                           across the full spectrum of
                                           Army operations. It
                                           primarily focuses on the
                                           principles of platoon
                                           operations and the tactics,
                                           techniques, and procedures
                                           Status: Under
                                           revision FY 08.

FM 3-19.6    Armored         24 May 06     A manual that provides
             Security                      military police forces with
             Vehicle                       the tactics, techniques,
                                           and procedures and related
                                           information necessary for
                                           the employment of the
                                           armored security vehicle.
                                           Status: Current.

FM 19-10     Military        30 Sep 87     A manual that addresses each
             Police Law                    element of the military
             and Order                     police law-and-order
             Operations                    mission, including law
                                           enforcement, investigation,
                                           U.S. military prisoner
                                           confinement, and
                                           counterterrorism operations.
                                           Status: Under revision
                                           FY 08.

FM 3-19.11   Military        13 May 05     A manual that serves as a
             Police                        guide for commanders,
             Special-                      staffs, and trainers who are
             Reaction                      responsible for training and
             Teams                         deploying military police
                                           special-reaction teams.
                                           Status: Current.

FM 3-19.12   Protective      11 Aug 04     A manual that addresses
             Services                      tactics, techniques, and
                                           procedures for special
                                           agents of the U.S. Army
                                           Criminal Investigation
                                           Command and military police
                                           assigned to protective
                                           services duties.
                                           Status: Current.

FM 3-19.13   Law             10 Jan 05     A manual that serves as a
             Enforcement                   guide for military police,
             Investigations                investigators, and the U.S.
                                           Army Criminal Investigation
                                           Command special agents
                                           operating in tactical and
                                           garrison environments.
                                           Status: Current.

FM 3-19.15   Civil           18 Apr 05     A manual that addresses
             Disturbance                   continental U.S. and outside
             Operations                    continental U.S. civil
                                           disturbance operations and
                                           domestic unrest, including
                                           the military role in
                                           providing assistance to
                                           civil authorities.
                                           Status: Current.

FM 3-19.17   Military        6 Jul 05      A manual that addresses
             Working         C1 22 Sep 05  the current capabilities of
             Dogs                          the Military Police Working
                                           Dog Program and the
                                           potential for future
                                           Status: Current; planned
                                           revision FY 08.

FM 19-25     Military        30 Sep 77     A manual that addresses
             Police                        traffic operations in
             Traffic                       garrison and combat
             Operations                    environments.
                                           Status: Current.

FM 3-19.30   Physical        8 Jan 01      A manual that establishes
             Security                      guidance for all personnel
                                           responsible for physical
                                           security. This manual is the
                                           basic reference for training
                                           security personnel and is
                                           intended to be a one-stop
                                           physical security source.
                                           Status: Current; planned
                                           revision FY 08.

FM 3-19.40   Internment/     4 Sep 07      A manual that addresses I/R
             Resettlement    C1 17 Dec 07  operations across the entire
             Operations                    spectrum of conflict. It
                                           serves as the key
                                           integrating manual for I/R
                                           operations and depicts the
                                           doctrinal foundation,
                                           principles, and processes
                                           that military police will
                                           employ when dealing with
                                           I/R populations (detainees,
                                           U.S. military prisoners,
                                           and dislocated civilians).
                                           Status: Under revision
                                           FY 08.

FM 3-19.50   Police          21 Jul 06     A manual that addresses
             Intelligence                  police intelligence
             Operations                    operations which support,
                                           enhance, and contribute to
                                           situational understanding,
                                           homeland defense, and
                                           protection of the force by
                                           integrating police
                                           engagement, police
                                           information, and police
                                           investigations to support
                                           law-and-order operations
                                           and the intelligence
                                           process. Status: Current;
                                           planned revision FY 08.

Note: Current military police publications can be accessed and
downloaded in electronic format from the Reimer Digital Library at
<> or at the U.S. Army Military Police
School Web site at <>. Comments or
questions about military police doctrine can be sent to
<>. Emerging Publications

FM 3-07.2    Antiterrorism   Nov 09        A manual that will establish
             Operations      (estimate)    the Army's guidance on how
                                           to integrate and synchronize
                                           antiterrorism across the
                                           full spectrum of conflict
                                           and into the full range of
                                           military operations. This
                                           manual will show how
                                           antiterrorism operations
                                           nest under full-spectrum
                                           operations, the protection
                                           war fighting function, and
                                           the composite risk
                                           management process.

FM 3-10      Protection      To be         A manual that will follow
                             determined    joint doctrine and introduce
                                           the protection warfighting
                                           function and its purpose of
                                           preserving the force,
                                           personnel (combatant and
                                           noncombatant), physical
                                           assets, and information.

FMI 3-90.31  Maneuver        Nov 09        A manual that will provide
             Enhancement     (estimate)    operational guidance for
             Brigade                       commanders and trainers at
             Operations                    all echelons. This manual
                                           will facilitate operations
                                           and employment
                                           considerations of the
                                           maneuver enhancement brigade
                                           as it organizes, prepares
                                           for, and conducts
                                           full-spectrum operations.
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