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Doctrine corner: USAIC&FH fields new and updated intelligence manuals.

The U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca (USAIC&FH) Doctrine Division anticipated the most important doctrinal products to meet the field's requirements for the on-going Global War on Terrorism. The development of this updated doctrine continues, driven primarily by requirements expressed by the field units involved in Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM (OIF and OEF, respectively). These doctrinal efforts, while incorporating current lessons learned, are essentially founded on time-tested principles and fundamentals. What the Doctrine Division has done is to refine and update the terminology and considerations for the complexities of the modern environments.

USAIC&FH is in the final stages of production of several new doctrinal products. The Doctrine Division is producing several of these products as Special Texts (STs) primarily designed for intelligence staffs and soldiers conducting intelligence support to operations. Commanders and staffs at all echelons can use them and they apply equally to the Active and Reserve Components, to include the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) and the U.S. Army National Guard (ARNG). STs decrease the time required to develop and disseminate doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to the field for specific and unique operational considerations. The products discussed in this article are:

[] ST 2-91.4, Intelligence Support to Operations in the Urban Environment, August 2004.

[] ST 2-91.1, Intelligence Support to Stability Operations and Support Operations, September, 2004.

[] FM 2-01.3, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield [IPB], Draft October 2004.

[] ST 2-01.301, Specific TTP and Applications of IPB, In review.

[] FMI 3-07.22, Counterinsurgency Manual, October 2004.

[] Intelligence Toolkit.

ST 2-91.4, Intelligence Support to Operations in the Urban Environment, establishes an initial doctrinal foundation for conducting intelligence support to operations in the urban environment. This product was specifically written to incorporate the operational doctrine and terminology from FM 3-06, Urban Operations, and FM 3-06.11, Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain.

This ST focuses on the intelligence aspects and considerations of urban operations. The ST gives intelligence professionals a basic framework within which they can provide commanders effective intelligence support in the urban environment. It contains--

[] A wide variety of examples of intelligence requirements based on the numerous factors that require consideration when conducting operations in urban terrain.

[] A listing of different information sources available in the urban environment.

[] Discussions of how the intelligence disciplines can support operations in the urban environment as well as some examples of types of urban intelligence tools and products.

ST 2-91.1, Intelligence Support to Stability Operations and Support Operations, will supercede FM 34-7, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Support to Low-Intensity Conflict, published in May 1993. USAIC&FH specifically wrote it to incorporate the operational doctrine and terminology from FM 3-07, Stability Operations and Support Operations, published in February 2003.

ST 2-91.1 provides intelligence operations doctrine and TTPs for the roles, responsibilities, and activities of intelligence support in stability operations and support operations. This manual addresses operations from the brigade through corps levels, focusing on G2/S2 roles and requirements and incorporates the doctrinal content of--

[] FM 2-0 (formerly FM 34-1), Intelligence.

[] FM 34-2, Collection Management and Synchronization.

[] FM 34-3, Intelligence Analysis.

[] FM 3-05.102 (formerly FM 34-36), Army Special Operations Forces Intelligence.

[] FM 2-01.2 (formerly FM 34-60), Counterintelligence.

[] FM 2-01.3 (formerly FM 34-130), Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.

It is consistent with Army doctrine for stability operations and support operations in FM 3-0 (formerly FM 100-5), Operations, and FM 3-16 (formerly FM 100-8), The Army in Multinational Operations. ST 2-91.1 contains multiple scenarios and examples of collection tools based on generic models of lessons learned as well as important relevant appendices that address utilization of linguist support and the laws of war.

FM 2-01.3, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, will supercede FM 34-130. This manual incorporates the operational doctrine and terminology of--

[] FM 2-0, Intelligence.

[] FM 5-0, Army Planning and Orders Production

[] FM 6-0, Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces.

[] FM 7-15, The Army Universal Task List.

FM 2-01.3 is a smaller manual that focuses specifically on the fundamental basis of IPB and the four-step IPB process. Recent comments from the field indicate that the current IPB process is entirely adequate for supporting ongoing and future missions; concerns have been raised, however, about references to help Military Intelligence (MI) personnel focus the IPB process based on the type of mission the units are conducting.

ST 2-01.301, Specific TTP and Applications of IPB will be a companion ST to FM 2-01.3. The ST provides examples of specific IPB TTPs for a range of specific missions. At this time, the ST contains specific TTPs for--

[] Offense.

[] Defense.

[] Stability operations.

[] Support operations.

[] Information operations.

[] Urban operations.

[] Space-based operations.

[] Theater missile defense.

[] Electronic preparation of the battlefield.

Updated Counterinsurgency Manual

The U.S. Army Combined Arms Command Doctrine Division (CADD) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is in the process of quickly publishing an updated Counterinsurgency (COIN) manual. This manual will initially be an interim field manual (FM-I) designed as a reference for commanders and leaders, FM-I 3-07.22. USAIC&FH has contributed a chapter on intelligence support to COIN operations as well as appendices with some examples of intelligence requirements, relevant analytical tools, and sample indicators focused on the center of gravity in any COIN operation: the population.

Intelligence Doctrine Toolkit

USAIC&FH is also currently developing an Intelligence Doctrine Toolkit that will require For Official Use Only handling. It consists of both MI and MI-related doctrine to include--

[] Approved MI and combined arms doctrine.

[] Approved joint publications.

[] Draft MI and combined arms doctrine (including the manuals discussed in this article).

[] Related documents such as the S2X Handbook and the Tactical HUMINT Team Leader's Handbook.

[] Lessons learned documents.

USAIC&FH will distribute this Intelligence Doctrine Toolkit on CD to all active duty, ARNG, and USAR intelligence sections from battalion-level up. If your unit does not receive a copy of the Intelligence Toolkit or you wish to make sure that USAIC&FH has current contact and mailing information for your unit, you can contact the Doctrine Division at

Michael Brake is currently writing ST 2-19.402, BCT Intelligence Operations, at the USAIC&FH Doctrine Division. Readers may contact him via E-mail at and by telephone at (520) 533-9972 or DSN 821-9972.
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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