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Doctors get $164,300 on average.

According to the American Medical Association's recently released annual compendium of the social and economic characteristics of medical practice, the average U.S. doctor in active practice earned $164,300 net income before taxes in 1990, worked 59.1 hours a week and took five weeks off.

The 1990 figures include income of all doctors in practice at least 20 hours a week; hospital residents and doctors employed by the federal government were not included.

Net income differed greatly by specialty. Surgeons topped the pack at $236,400 on average, followed by radiologists ($219,400), anesthesiologists ($207,400) and obstetricians and gynecologists ($207,300). General and family practitioners made $102,700 and pediatricians averaged $106,500.

These figures, however, are national averages. Half of all U.S. physicians made less than $130,000. One-quarter of all general and family-practice doctors earned less than $65,000, and one-fourth of pediatricians less than $70,000.
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Date:Jun 22, 1992
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