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Doctors 'mistaken' over child burns; UK BULLETINS.

FOUR children were taken from the care of their Romania parents for a year after two paediatricians gave "wholly mistaken" analyses of the cause of burn injuries one youngster had suffered, a family court judge has said.

Judge Anthony Cleary told how the couple said the youngster - a girl now five - had been burned when water accidentally spilled from a pan of boiled eggs.

Both paediatricians had doubted the "explanation of accidental injury" - and "set a hare running", said the judge.But two consultants who specialised in burns and plastic surgery had months later "wholly and persuasively" contradicted the evidence of the paediatricians. They both said the girl's burns were characteristic of accidental water spillage - and the family had been reunited.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 14, 2014
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