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Doctoral dissertations 2001-2002 *.

University of Alberta (30) (20) (14)

MURAT BAC, "Alethic Actualism: A Quasi-Realist Theory of Truth and Knowledge." Adviser: Bruce A. Hunter.

WILLIAM (GUILLERMO) I. BARRON, "Rationality, Evolution, and Symbolic Utility." Advisers: Wesley E. Cooper and Jennifer Welchman.

AUGUSTINE YAW FRIMPONG-MANSOH, "A Humean Naturalistic Moral Theory." Advisers: Wesley E. Cooper and Jennifer Welchman.

GLENN G. PARSONS, "The Bundle Theory, Substance and Spacetime." Advisers: Bernard Linsky and Alexander Rueger.

MATTHEW H. STEPHENS, "The Philosophical Psychology of William James and Ludwig Wittgenstein." Adviser: Wesley E. Cooper.

Boston College (89) (75) (25)

JAMES W. BOETTCHER, "Reasonableness and Political Justification: A Study of John Rawls' Idea of Public Reason." Advisers: David Rasmussen and Richard Kearney.

LARRY MICHAEL HARRINGTON, "The Problem of Paradigmatic Causality and Knowledge in Dionysius The Areopagite and His First Commentator." Advisers: Stephen Brown and Arthur Madigan, S.J.

DEVONYA NATASHA HAVIS, "Nimble or Not At All: The Ethico-Political Play of Indeterminancy." Advisers: David Rasmussen and Paul Breines.

MAX J. LATONA, "The Mythological Dimension of Parmenides' Thought." Advisers: Arthur Madigan, S.J., John Cleary, and Francis Clooney, S.J.

EDWARD F. MCGUSHIN; "The Poetic Subject: Foucault's Genealogy of Philosophy." Advisers: James Bernauer, S.J., Thomas Hibbs, and Andrew Cutrofello.

BRIAN TREANOR, "The Paradox of Justice and Love: Emmanuel Levinas and Gabriel Marcel on the Nature of Otherness." Advisers: Jacques Taminiaux and Richard Kearney.

Boston University (61) (58) (15)

ALEXANDER DI PIPPO, "The Ontological Significance of Production in Heidegger." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

LAWRENCE HORSBURGH, "Philosophy and Play." Adviser: Stanley Rosen.

ANNA LANNSTROM, "Loving the Fine: Goodness and Happiness in Aristotle's Ethics." Adviser: Klaus Brinkmann.

LYDIA MOLAND, "Intersubjectivity and Normativity in Hegel's Ethics." Adviser: Klaus Brinkmann.

ELIZABETH SHELD, "Law, Virtue, and Justice [in?] Aristotle's Politics." Adviser: Klaus Brinkmann.

MATTHEW SIMPSON, "The Logic of Freedom in Rousseau's Social Contract." Adviser: Stanley Rosen.

JOHN SYMONS, "Theories of Brain Function and the Problem of Scientific Explanation." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

AARON SZYMKOWIAK, "Kant and the Question of the State: Freedom, Permission, and Republicanism." Adviser: Knud Haakonssen.

Bowling Green State University (40) (29) (18)

AUSTIN DACEY-GROTH, "How To Talk About Religion in Politics." Adviser: Loren Lomasky.

ALFRED DECKER, "A Liberal Theory of Punishment." Adviser: Loren Lomasky.

CARRIE-ANN KHAN, "`Belonging and Becoming' Toward a Consensualist Conception of Citizenship." Advisers: Christopher Morris and Fred Miller.

COLETTE PALAMAR, "Dwelling." Adviser: Donald Scherer.

ASSYA PASCALEV, "Medical Metaphors of Death and Dying: An Ethical Analysis." Adviser: Michael Bradie.

MARIO PASCALEV, "Territory: An Essay in Justification." Adviser: Christopher Morris.

CAROL POWERS, "Pornography and Lacan: A Feminist Critique of Fragmented Subject." Adviser: Donald Callen.

GENE TORISKY, "The Possibility of Supererogation Based on the Integrity of the Moral Agent." Adviser: Michael Robins.

University of British Columbia (24) (23) (12)

JOHNNA FISHER, "The `Ethic of Care': Its Promise and Its Problems."

ALEXANDER HOLTBY BOSTON, "Values, Meaning and Identity: The Case for Morality." YOSHINORI OGAWA, "The Pursuit of Rigor. David Hilbert's Early Philosophy of Mathematics."

ATHENA DAWN OGDEN, "Epistemic Progress in Biology: A Case Study."

Brown University (43) (37) (11)

JOHN ABBRUZZESE, "True and Immutable Natures in Descartes's Ontological Proof." Adviser: James Van Cleve.

ROBERT HOWELL, "Self-Knowledge and Self-Reference." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

JAY NEWHARD, "A Correspondence Theory of Truth." Adviser: James Van Cleve.

DAVID PRENTISS, "Doing What a Good Person Would Do - Exploration of Pure Virtue Theory." Adviser: John Ladd.

BARON REED, "Knowledge, Agency, and Personhood." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

University of Calgary (21) (21) (16)

JAY PATRICK ODENBAUGH, "Searching for Patterns, Hunting for Causes: A Philosophical Examination of Mathematical Modeling in Theoretical Ecology." Adviser: Marc Ereshefsky.

University of California at Berkley (41) (34) (14)

CHERYL CHEN, "Perception and Empirical Thought." Adviser: Barry Stroud.

JOHNATHAN ELLIS, "Psychological Conditions for Psychological Awareness." Adviser: John Searle.

BRENDAN O'SULLIVAN, "Causal Relevance and Mental Properties." Adviser: John Searle.

CHRIS PINCOCK, "A Structuralist Approach to Applying Mathematics." Adviser: Paolo Mancosu.

University of California at Irvine (28) (27) (12)

PAUL LIVINSTON, "Experience and Structure: An Investigation in the History of Philosophy of Mind." Adviser: David Smith.

JEFFREY YOSHIMI, "Dynamics of Consciousness: Phenomenology, Neuroscience, and Dynamical Systems Theory." Adviser: David Smith.

University of California at Riverside (41) (35) (15)

JOSEPH OROSCO, "Strong Democratic Vistas: Deliberative and Participatory Democracy in 20th Century American Philosophy." Adviser: Georgia Warnke.

DANIEL SPECK, "Moral Responsibility and the Relevance of Alternative Possibilities." Adviser: John Martin Fischer.

University of California at San Diego (34) (34) (17)

LAURA PERINI, "Visual Representations and Scientific Knowledge." Adviser: Sandra Mitchell.

ERIC PETERSON, "Explanation, Truth and Politics: The Medical Management of Intersex Conditions." Adviser: Gerald Doppelt.

University of California at Santa Barbara (27) (27) (12)

JOHN T. BIRMINGHAM, "The Necessity of Perfection: Modal Versions of the Ontological Argument." Adviser: Nathan Salmon.

MARCELLO ORESTE FIOCCO, "Time and the Transience of Temporal Reality." Adviser: Nathan Salmon.

DAVID B. HERSHENOV, "A Defense of the Biological Approach to Personal Identity." Adviser: Nathan Salmon.

The Catholic University of America (120) (115) (18)

GREGORY R. JOHNSON, "A Commentary on Kant's Dreams of a Spirit-Seer." Adviser: Richard Velkley.

WILLIAM M. JOENSEN, "Genetic Enhancement and the Ends of Medicine and Human Life." Adviser: Robert S. Sokolowski.

University of Cincinnati (23) (16) (11)

University of Connecticut (33) (33) (15)

ERIK ANDERSON, "Religious Freedom in a Deliberative Democracy." Adviser: Diana Meyers.

CHRIS PANZA, "Ideas, General Reference, and Abstraction in Locke's Essay." Adviser: Donald Baxter.

GORDON STEVENSON, "The Naturalistic Foundations of International Action." Adviser: Ruth Millikan.

DePaul University (45) (30) (17)

Duke University (23) (17) (13)

ALLAN GALLOWAY, "Moral Perception." Adviser: Owen Flanagan.

Emory University (61) (61) (16)

ALIA AL-SAJI, "Rhythms of the Body; A Study of Sensation, Time and Intercorporeity in the Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl." Adviser: David Carr.

DON CARRELL, "Homer's `Apologos' of Odysseus and Plato's `Apologia' of Socrates: Thoughtful Recollections of the Eternal Voyage of Theoretical Desire." Adviser: Carl Page.

FERMIN R. DEBRABANDER, "Society and Politics in the Life of Virtue: A Critical Dialogue Between Spinoza and the Stoics." Adviser: Dennis Des Chene.

ERIC S. NELSON, "Time, History and Facticity in Dilthey and Heidegger." Adviser: Rudolf Makkreel.

RYAN T. STREETER, "David Hume and the Politics of Human Scale." Adviser: Donald Livingston.

University of Florida (25) (25) (12)

Florida State University (32) (24) (10)

JUSTIN D. BARNARD, "Rationally Justified Belief and Mental Causation: An Epistemic Argument Against Physicalism." Adviser: Alfred R. Mele.

GREGORY THOMAS SMITH, "Aristotle and Cognitive Intentionality." Adviser: Russell M. Dancy.

Fordham University (90) (85) (21)

W. MATTHEWS GRANT, "Aquinas and the Free Will Defense." Adviser: Brian Davies.

CHANGCHI HAO, "Wu-Wei and the Question of the Other." Adviser: Merold Westphal.

JAMES M. JACOBS, "The Metaphysics of Morals in Thomas Aquinas: The Transcendentals as the Foundation for Natural Law Ethics." Adviser: Joseph W. Koterski

KATHRYN KREILING ROMBS, "A Cosmological Argument." Adviser: Brian Davies.

SILAS N. LANGLEY, "Aquinas on Human Survival after Death." Adviser: Brian Davies.

J. MURRAY MURDOCH, JR., "Alterity in Hegel." Adviser: Merold Westphal.

PETER TAGORE TAN, "An Energetic Interpretation of Whitehead's Actual Entity." Adviser: Judith Jones.

ROBERT VIGLIOTTI, "Martin Heidegger's Earliest Writings." Adviser: John Van Buren.

Georgetown University (39) (37) (27)

STEVEN HANSON, "A Content-Thin Solution to the Problem of Pluralism in Bioethics." Adviser: Tom L. Beauchamp.

ERAN KLEIN, "Toward a Skills-Based Philosophy of Medicine." Adviser: Mark N. Lance.

THADDEUS POPE, "A Definition and Defense of Hard Paternalism." Adviser: Tom L. Beauchamp.

HEATH WHITE, "Inferentialism and Practical Reason." Adviser: Mark N. Lance.

University of Georgia (27) (20) (14)

NATHAN D. SEGARS, "Pushing Epistemological Boundaries: The Expansion of the Epistemological Tradition within the Work of William Alston." Adviser: Randolph Clarke.

ASHLEY D. SHERMAN, "Two Process Views of God." Adviser: Robert G. Burton.

University of Guelph (30) (29) (15)

KAREN HOULE, "Micropolitics and Property." Adviser: Jay Lampert.

Harvard University (44) (42) (11)

MARY COLEMAN, "Decisions in Action: Reasons, Motivations, and the Connection Between Them." Advisers: Christine M. Korsgaard and Derek Parfit.

LUCA FERRERO, "Making up One's Self: Commitments, Agency and Identity." Advisers: Richard Moran, Christine Korsgaard, and James Pryor.

OYSTEIN LINNEBO, "Science with Numbers: A Naturalistic Defense of Mathematical Platonism." Advisers: Warren Goldfarb, Richard Heck, and Charles Parsons.

KATALIN MAKKAI "Object, Subject, and the Other: Aesthetic Conditions of Judgment in Kant's Critique of Judgment." Advisers: Stanley Cavell, Richard Moran, and Charles Parsons.

University of Hawaii (45) (43) (13)

ANDREW R. COLVIN, "Patterns of Coherence in the Fa Yan of Yang Xiong." Adviser: Roger T. Ames.

STEVEN K. COUTINHO, "Dichotomies and Penumbrae: The Significance of Boundaries in Early Chinese Thinking." Adviser: Roger T. Ames.

AMY L. OLBERDING, "The Stout Heart: Philosophical Strategies for Death and Grief." Adviser: Roger T. Ames.

SHARON A. THOMAS, "Search for Place." Advisor. Eliot Deutsch.

University of Illinois at Chicago (38) (31) (19)

PAOLA LORTIE KINDRED, "Continuity, Inquiry, and the Possibility of Wisdom in John Dewey's Pragmatism." Adviser: Sandra Lee Bartky.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (43) (30) (14)

BRIAN ALLEN, "Payback: The Nature & Morality of Revenge." Adviser: James Wallace.

LAURA BERNHARDT, "An Epicurean Kant?" Adviser: Arthur Melnick.

Indiana University (55) (55) (15)

ANDREW JANIAK, "Kant's Newtonianism." Adviser: Michael Friedman.

CALEB LIANG, "Toward an Understanding of Objectivity: A Study of the Realism/AntiRealism Debate and the Nature of Empirical Content." Adviser: Anil Gupta.

RONDO KEELE, "Formal Ontology in the Fourteenth Century: The Chatton Principle and Ockham's Razor." Adviser: Paul Vincent Spade.

University of Iowa (27) (27) (10)

MATTHEW ARANT, "A Theory of Literary Interpretation: The Problem of Internalism." Adviser: Laird Addis.

JOHN RUDISILL, "Towards a Reclamation of Subanative Liberalism." Adviser: Diane Jeske.

Johns Hopkins University (40) (27) (12)

DANIEL JOHN CALLCUT, "Bernard Williams and the End of Morality." Advisers: Jerome Schneewind and Susan Wolf.

CHRISTINE SORRELL DINKINS, "Socrates and His Method: A Non-Doctrinal Contextual Reading of the Platonic Texts." Advisers: Richard Bett and Susan Hahn.

GRAHAM FINLAY, "`Truth is Militant': John Stuart Mill's Social Science and His Moral and Political Philosophy." Advisers: Jerome Schneewind and Susan Wolf.

JACOB OSSAR, "Imperfect Duty." Advisers: Susan Wolf and Jerome Schneewind.

JILL RUSIN, "Skepticism and Epistemic Agency." Advisers: Richard Bett and Michael Williams.

University of Kansas (33) (30) (13)

OLIVIA CEESAY, "Moral Conflict, Irrational Behavior, and African Women." Adviser: John Bricke.

KAE CHATMAN, "Seeing Reason: Incest, Ideology, Institutions." Adviser: James Woelfel.

HAVEY MCCLOUD, "The Causal Efficacy of Consciousness." Adviser: John Bricke.

TED VAGGALIS, "Hermeneutics and the Horizon of Political Philosophy." Adviser: Richard De George.

University of Kentucky (35) (35) (17)

BEN LANDRY, "Reference and Reality: The Metaphysical Significance of the New Theory of Reference." Adviser: Brandon Look.

PAUL LEWIS, "Karl Marx and Walker Benjamin: Studies in the Philosophy of Technology, Materialism, and Modernity." Adviser: Ron Bruzina.

JEFF NICHOLAS, "Reason, Tradition, and the Good: Toward a Substitute Conception of Reason and a Just Society." Adviser: Ted Schatzki.

DAN SCHUMANN, "Essence and Illusion: Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and the Problem of the Thing-In-Itself." Adviser: Dan Breabeale.

MARTIN TOWNLEY, "Aristotle and Kant on Practical Reason and Virtue." Adviser: Dan Frank.

Marquette University (64) (39) (23)

SARAH FISCHER, "Merleau-Ponty: Embodied Subjectivity and the Foundation of Ethics." Adviser: Andrew Tallon.

CHAD MEISTER, "Essence, Individuation and Artifact: An Aristotelian Model for Familiar Concrete Particulars." Adviser: Owen Goldin.

EUGENE RICE, "Normative Strategies for Resolving Human Rights Conflicts." Adviser: Robert Ashmore.

KARL SCHUDT, "Faith and Reason in the Philosophy of Edith Stein." Adviser: Andrew Tallon.

PATRICK TULLY, "Is Proportionalism a Form of Consequentialism?" Adviser: Howard Kainz.

JOHN VISINTAINER, "The Micro-World and Descartes' Theory against Artificial Intelligence." Adviser: Michael Vater.

University of Maryland (44) (44) (18)

MATTHEW McCABE, "Ethical Caring and the Physician-Patient Relationship: A Dual Defense of a Virtue Ethics of Care." Adviser: Michael Slote.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst (35) (35) (12)

DON BERKICH, "Autonomous Machine Agency." Adviser: Vere Chappell.

JULIE BOOKS, "The Ontology of Film." Adviser: Bruce Anne.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (28) (28) (11)

ADAM ELGA, "Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and Conscious Experience: Essays on Entropy." Adviser: Edward Hall.

ALEXANDER FRIEDMAN, "Minimizing Harm: Three Problems in Moral Theory." Adviser: Judith Thomson.

ULRICH MEYER, "Mathematics, Time, and Confirmation." Adviser: Robert Stalnaker.

DEAN PETTIT, "Understanding Language." Adviser: Robert Stalnaker.

STEVEN SIMON, "Contributions to a Physicalistic Theory of Action." Adviser: Robert Stalnaker.

McGill University (22) (21) (15)

REBECCA PATES, "A Philosophical Investigation of Punishment." Advisers: Alison Laywine, R. Philip Buckley, and David Davies.

ENIS VLAHOVIC, "The Sovereignty of the Lawcode in Aristotle." Advisers: Marguerite Deslauriers and Stephen Menn.

McMaster University (33) (24) (12)

University of Memphis (39) (37) (14)

KARIN A. FRY, "In the Spirit of Kant: Political Judgment in Arendt and Lyotard." Adviser: Mark Timmons.

JOSHUA M. GLASGOW, "Value in Kant's Ethics: In Defense of a Value-Based Deontology." Adviser: Mark Timmons.

University of Miami (27) (19) (12)

YVETTE PEARSON, "Procreation and Obligation." Adviser: Alan H. Goldman

Michigan State University (31) (26) (24)

HEATHER JOHNSON, "Structural Semantics: A New Picture Theory of Representation." Adviser: Richard J. Hall.

SARAH JONES, "Meanings, Manners, and Scepticism." Adviser: Albert C. Cafagna.

University of Minnesota (45) (32) (23)

JAMES E. HAROLD, "Value Coherence." Advisers: Norman O. Dahl and Marcia M. Eaton.

CHARLES A. WEINSTEIN, "Information Systems Consulting and Ethics: An Aristotelian Approach." Advisers: Norman E. Bowie and Douglas E. Lewis.

University of Missouri at Columbia (30) (25) (14)

JARED BATES, "Epistemic Norms and Epistemological Methods." Adviser: Paul Weirich.

JEFFREY FREELIN, "Toward a Naturalized Virtue Ethic." Adviser: Bina Gupta.

University de Montreal (123) (72) (24)

RYOA CHUNG, "Le paradigme kantien en ethique intemationale." Adviser: Daniel Weinstock.

RITA COSSETTE, "Amite civique et citoyennete moderne." Adviser: Daniel Weinstock.

SHIMBI-KAMBA KATCHELEWA, "Sentimentalisme moral et point de vue general." Adviser: Daniel Weinstock.

PASQUIER LAMBERT, "Logique, ethique et esthetique chez Wittgenstein entre 1911 et 1921." Adviser: Daniel Weinstock.

University of Nebraska (25) (18) (10)

PETER JOSEPH MURPHY, "Giving the Demon His Due: A New Defense of Skepticism." Adviser: Al Casullo.

JONATHAN EVANS, "The Boethian Solution to the Problem of Future Contingents and Its Unorthodox Rivals." Adviser: Joseph Mendola.

PETER TRAMEL, "Towards a Reflectionist Intuitionism in Moral Epistemology." Adviser: Robert Audi.

University of New Mexico (26) (21) (13)

New School for Social Research (193) (193) (10)

VISHWA ADLURI, "Mortal Knowledge in Parmenides and Plato: A Study in Phusis, Journey, Thumos and Eros." Adviser: Claudia Baracchi.

ALVARO ARAMBURU, "Eros Problematic in Plato and the Question of Philosophy: An Interpretation." Adviser: Agnes Heller.

LAUREN BARTHOLD, "The Truth of Hermeneutics: The Self and the Other in Dialogue in the Thought of Hans-Georg Gadamer." Adviser: Richard J. Bernstein.

LUIS GUZMAN, "The Fractured Nature of Thinking: Hegel's Science of Logic." Adviser: Richard J. Bernstein.

VANESSA LEMM, "The Becoming of Culture and the Return of the Animal in Nietzsche." Adviser Agnes Heller.

LARRY MARCELLE, "Logic, World and Language in Wittgensteinn's Tractatus." Adviser: Richard J. Bernstein.

PABLO MUCHNIK, "The Consistency of Kant's Doctrine of Radical Evil." Adviser: Richard J. Bernstein.

RALPH OBERMAUER, "Freedom and Emancipation in Theodor W. Adorno and Cornelius Castoriadis." Adviser: Jay Bernstein.

New York University (27) (27) (15)

State University of New York at Buffalo (65) (65) (15)

JASON ADSIT, "Apologies." Adviser: Peter Hare.

B. STEVE CSAKI, "The Plexus of Relations: An East-West Theory of the Self." Adviser: Kah Kyung Cho.

DAVID GARREN, "Whose Life Is It Anyway: The Case against Paternalism." Adviser: Barry Smith.

ERIC LITTLE, "Moderate Materialism: Toward a Unified Ontology of Consciousness." Adviser: Barry Smith.

RICHARD MAIN, "On Negative Facts." Adviser: John Kearns.

JONATHAN SANFORD, "Aristotle, Scheler, McIntyre: The Metaphysical Foundations of Ethics," Adviser: Jorge Gracia.

JASON SWEDENE, "How Should One Feel?: Moral Dilemmas and Normative Emotion Theory." Adviser: Carolyn Korsmeyer.

ROGER WORTHINGTON, "Health-Care and Distributive Justice: A Jurisprudential Account of Health-Care Distribution." Adviser: James Brady.

State University of New York at Stony Brook (65) (65) (26)

DORIS RITA ALFONSO, "Imagining Sex in Space: How Sexual Difference Acquires Ontological Import in Plato's Timaeus." Adviser Kelly Oliver.

JAMES DIGIOVANNA, "Ethics and Aesthetics of Self-Creation." Adviser: David Allison.

CHARLES E. EMMER, "Possibilities for a Non-Ocular Aesthetics in Kant's Critique of Judgment." Adviser: Edward Casey.

ERIN FLYNN, "Conflict & Atonement: The Limits of Punishment in Hegel's Philosopky of Right." Adviser: Kenneth Baynes.

MICHAEL HUGHES, "Kant's Theory of Moral Agency." Adviser: B. Jeffrey Edwards.

ANDREW MITCHELL, "The Fourfold & Technology: Heidegger's Thinking of the Limit." Adviser: Edward Casey.

MALEK MOAZZAM-DOULAT, "The Emergence of Governable Objects." Adviser: Richard Howard.

DAVID PATTEN, "Deception About the Self: A Hierarchical Account of Self Deception." Adviser: Rim Nolan.

JULIE SADOFF, "Creation and Procreation in Plato's Cosmology: A Reading of Timaeus." Adviser: Edward Casey.

STEPHANIE SCHULL, "The Delusion of Logic and the Logic of Delusion." Adviser: Edward Casey.

JESSICA WAHMAN, "Signs of Transcendence: A Naturalist Critique of Transcendentalism." Adviser: Edward Casey.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (47) (47) (19)

JEFFREY BRIAN DOWNARD, "The Role of Taste in Morality: From Kant to Schiller to Emerson." Advisers: Thomas E. Hill, Jr. and Richard A. Smyth.

MALIK DOUGLASS McCLUSKEY, "Autonomy, Property and Distributive Justice." Adviser: Bernard R. Boxill.

SEAN MCKEEVER, "Completeness as an Ideal for Theory." Adviser: Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

JOHN RUSSELL ROBERTS, "Mob Metaphysics: An Interpretation of Berkeley's Idealism." Adviser: Don Garrett.

ROGER SANSOM, "Development as an Adaptation: A Philosophical Contribution to the Developmental Synthesis." Adviser: William G. Lycan.

Northwestern University (30) (26) (17)

EVELYN L. BRISTER, "Scientific Objectivity and Scientific Objectives." Adviser: Arthur Fine.

KAREN MERIKANGAS DARLING, "Pierre Duhem's Philosophy of Science." Adviser: Arthur Fine.

University of Notre Dame (65) (65) (42)

MICHAEL THRUSH AUCKLAND, "The Problem of Non-Being." Adviser: Peter van Inwagen.

KIRK M. BESMER, "Rational Ideality and Merleau-Ponty's Final View of Phenomenology." Adviser: Stephen Watson.

ALISA BOKULICH, "Philosophical Perspectives on Quantum Chaos: Models and Interpretations." Adviser: James Cushing.

ALICIA M. FINCH, "Freedom and Incompatibilism: On the Possibility of Undetermined Free Action." Advisers: Peter van Inwagen and Ted Warfield.

PATRICK R. FRIERSON, "Anthropology and Freedom in Kant's Moral Philosophy: Saving Kant from Schleiermacher's Dilemma." Adviser: Karl Ameriks.

WILLIAM EDWARD JAWORSKI, "Groundwork for a Dual-Attribute Theory of Mind." Adviser: Michael Loux.

PATRICK JOSEPH MCDONALD, "Epistemology of Experiment and the Physiological Acoustics of Hermann Von Helmholtz." Adviser: Don Howard.

JOSHUA PETER HOCHSCHILD PLAINFIELD, "The Semantics of Analogy according to Thomas de Vio Cajetan's De Nominum Analogia." Advisers: David Burrell and Gyula Klima.

RAYMOND J. VAN ARRAGON, "Externalism, Skepticism, and Relevant Alternatives." Adviser: Alvin Plantinga.

Ohio State University (37) (34) (21)

SONDRA BACHARACH, "Definitions of Art: Narratives, History and Essentialism." Adviser: Lee Brown.

HAEWAN LEE, "An Account of Epistemic Goodness: An Alternative to Warrant and Justification." Adviser: Marshall Swain.

ALFRED LENT, "Surviving in a Different Body: An Examination and Rejection of the Lockean Thesis that Consciousness Alone Makes Personal Identity." Advisers: Donald Hubin and William Taschek.

DEBORAH TOLLEFSEN, "Interpreting Organization." Adviser: William Taschek.

University of Oregon (30) (30) (9)

PETER ESSER, "John Dewey's Art as Experience: A Treatise on the Art of Living." Adviser: Scott L. Pratt.

KENNETH KIRBY, "Fractured Vision: Myth and Discernment in Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy." Adviser: William Davie.

VINCENT MULIER, "Pragmatism in the Columbia Basin: Laws, Values, and the Emergence of a Regional River Ethic." Adviser: Scott L. Pratt.

GARY WRIGHT, "Means, Ends, and Medical Care." Adviser: Mark Johnson.

University of Ottawa

FRED BENNETT, "Multicultural Citizenship or Citizenship in a Multicultural Polity." Adviser: Will Kymlicka.

VICTOR BILODEAU, "La Theorie de la communication comme assise normative d'une nouvelle theotie critique de la societe chez Jurgen Habermas." Adviser: Denis Dumas.

JASON BLAHUTA, "The Limits of Responsibility in Liberal Egalitarian Theory." Adviser: Hilliard Aronovitch.

MARTIN BRIBA, "Politique et religion dans la philosophie de Thomas Hobbes." Adviser: Guy Lafrance.

FRANK CAMERON, "Nietzsche and the Problem of Morality." Adviser: Hilliard Aronovitch.

* The three figures below each institution's name refer to (1) the number of graduate students enrolled in its philosophy department, (2) the number of "full-time" graduate students as the term is understood by the institution, and (3) the number of faculty members teaching in the graduate program.

SYLIANE CHARLES, "Conscience et connaissance experientielle: le role des affects dans la progression ethique chez Spinoza." Adviser: Graeme Hunter.

DONALD DOMBOWSKY, "Nietzsche's Plan for Political Organization and its Formation in Political Theory." Adviser. Denis Dumas.

CRISTINA FAGGION, "The Scientific Framework of Pascal's Reaction to Descartes." Adviser: Keith Arnold.

ANOOP GUPTA, "Benacerraf's Dilemma and Natural Realism for Arithmetic." Adviser: Mathieu Marion.

PHIL LANCASTER, "Reason, Necessity and Genocide." Adviser: Leslie Armour.

PUQUN LI, "Wittgenstein on Nonsignificant Propositions." Adviser: Andrew Lugg.

LOUIS PERRON, "`L'eschatologie de la raison selon Jean Ladriere': pour une interpretation de l'historicite de la raison." Adviser. Lean Leroux.

ADAM CHRISTIAN SCARFE, "On the Nature and Function of Scepticism in Speculative Philosophy: A Study of D. F. W. Hegel's Logic and A. N. Whitehead's Process and Reality." Adviser: Dale Schlitt. GERARD WILSON, "The Use of Reason in Karl Barth." Adviser: Leslie Armour.

ATIS ZAKATISTOVS, "Projectionism in Hume's Theoretical Philosophy." Adviser. David Raynor.

Pennsylvania State University (40) (35) (23)

PETER R. COSTELLO, "Three Implications of Edmund Husserl's Description of Fremderfahrung." Adviser: John E. Russon.

MARC R. FELLENZ, "The Animal and the Good: Toward Alternatives to Ethical Extensionism in the Analysis of Animals and Their Moral Standing." Adviser: Carl Mitcham.

THOMAS C. HILDE, "Pragmatic Community and Global Displacements." Adviser. John J. Stuhr.

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DUFF WARING, "Medical Benefit and the Human Lottery." Adviser: L. Jacobs.
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