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Doctor tied to tree and forced to watch as wife and daughter, 15, gang-raped at gunpoint in India; The man was attacked by a gang of 20 youths when he was on his way home with his family on Wednesday in Bihar, India.

Byline: Elaine McCahill

A doctor was tied to a tree and forced to watch as his wife and daughter, 15, were gang-raped at gunpoint.

The family were attacked by a gang of 20 youths when they were on their way home on Wednesday in Giya, in Bihar, India.

The man, his wife and daughter were believed to be riding a motorbike home from his clinic when they were attacked at around 8pm, reportsThe Times of India.

The gang, who were armed, told the family to get off the bike.

The doctor tried to fight them off but they tied him to a tree and forced him to watch the brutal attack.

The inspector general of police at Patna Zone, Naiyar Hasnain Khan, said: "The three were passing through Sondiha on a motorcycle when they were waylaid by the youths carrying firearms.

"They raped the mother and the daughter after tying the father to a tree.

"It also came to light during investigation that before the gang-rape incident, the same group of youths snatched away mobile phones and cash from a couple of students passing through the village."

The officer in charge of the police station for the area has been suspended for negligence.

The victims identified two of the youths who were arrested.

Local media reports that 17 men are in custody.

Shortly after the attack, police arrested 11 men and caught nine more when villagers put up roadblocks.

The violent attack is said to have shocked and appalled the local community.


Credit: LightRocket

The women were gang-raped in India - and 17 men are being held

Credit: Google

The attack occurred in the Giya region of Bihar, India

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A police officer has been suspended for negligence during the investigation

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Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jun 15, 2018
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