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Dockyard Attackers Planned To Hijack Navy Frigate.

Extremists can sign up for military service and bide their time, as suggested by a September 6th attempted hijack of a navy frigate in Karachi for an unstated purpose. The Pakistani government resisted releasing details, reports Dawn, perhaps because 17 serving navy personnel, including a senior officer, allegedly participated, using rocket launchers, assault rifles and hand-grenades. The Dawn article argues that a short-term news blackout is understandable, but that Pakistanis should understand the potential of extremists infiltrating the military and turning on civilians. Pakistan is one of eight nations with nuclear weapons. "The same opacity and determination to keep itself above the law has been demonstrated across various branches of the military time and again - whether it is the matter of forcibly disappeared people, or the catastrophic failure of intelligence in the Bin Laden affair," Dawn concludes. "What is needed is lot more openness, accountability and better screening techniques in the military, as well as an acknowledgement that the people of Pakistan are partners in the fight against terrorism, rather than adversaries to be kept at bay." - YaleGlobal

Pakistan military in denial over extremists in its ranks: 17 navy personnel accused of attacking frigate in Karachi with rocket launchers, assault rifles, more

Fahim Zaman and Naziha Syed Ali

Dawn, 17 September 2014

The FY2012 US military aid obligation to Pakistan was $77.2 million, reports USAID.


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