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Doc dropped our new baby girl headfirst into a bucket.

Angry mum Tracie Collis told last night how the joy of childbirth was shattered when a doctor accidentally dropped her newborn baby head first into a bucket.

Tiny Sabrina slipped from a doctor's grasp in the delivery room. Now she faces cosmetic surgery to repair the damage caused by her fall. Tracie, 30, and husband Steve, 32, say there were a series of other blunders at the hospital and are suing health bosses for negligence.

Tracie said at the family home near Derby: " Giving birth should be one of the best moments of your life - but having Sabrina was far from that."

Steve, an unemployed market trader, said: "We are disgusted by what happened. It was a nightmare from start to finish.

"A woman doctor involved in the delivery dropped poor little Sabrina head first into a bucket. I was so angry my blood was boiling. We have been trying so long for a little girl and then this happens."

The couple, who have four boys aged between four and 13, say doctors lost an X-ray taken to help prepare for the baby's birth.

Tracie was warned she faced a breech delivery - and was then told her baby had turned when she hadn't.

Doctors had to operate before she could be given anaesthetic and she was in so much pain that she blacked out.

Two days after the birth mum and baby were allowed to go home. A hospital report said Sabrina had not suffered any damage.

But within days her parents noticed that a lump was growing on the right side of her neck and was restricting her movements.

"Doctors told us the lump was a blood clot," said Steve.

"Sabrina was given treatment but she is disfigured because of what happened. The left side of her head is flat and she walks with it cocked to one side."

The couple have been given legal aid so that they can take action against Derby City General NHS Trust Hospital.

They want compensation and must decide whether Sabrina, now aged 15 months, should have cosmetic surgery to reshape her skull.

Hospital spokeswoman Wendy Dawe said: "We are in contact with the family, but are unable to make any comment."
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Author:Daniels, Bill
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 23, 1996
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