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DoDots Announces TrafficStation Dots Going Mobile at DEMOmobile 2000 Wireless Conference in Pasadena, California.

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DEMO mobile 2000

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 7, 2000

DoDots, Inc., a digital infrastructure company, today previewed mobile Dot technology at DEMOmobile 2000, a conference highlighting emerging technologies that will shape the future of transportable computing. TrafficStation, Inc., North America's leading provider of personalized traffic and traveler information via the Internet, telecommunications, and wireless devices, will extend the delivery of TrafficStation Dots from the desktop to mobile devices. TrafficStation will utilize Dot(TM) technology to further extend the delivery of its mobile solutions.

"We see DoDots as a unique and valuable service in the wireless market," said Jane Lee, senior vice president of marketing at TrafficStation. "We're thrilled about further extending our traffic and travel information using innovative DoDots' technology."

TrafficStation content is delivered across all Internet touchpoints, including desktops, mobile phones, and PDAs. The alliance will provide TrafficStation with new customers and increase the amount of time people spend using its services. Dots allow more efficient access to information, which will encourage people to more readily access travel information via wireless devices.

"TrafficStation content combined with our unique content packaging technology makes a great way for people to get travel and traffic information via wireless devices," said George Kembel, CEO of DoDots. "Whether customers are at their PC or traveling with a mobile device, they want simple access to key content like TrafficStation. Dots make it possible for users to access this timely information, quickly and easily."

DoDots provides companies with technology that enables content, applications, and services to be branded, packaged and instantly distributed in Dots, which are available on the desktop with any application. Anything on the Internet can be delivered in Dots, including streaming media, commerce, transactions, games, music, HTML and JavaScript.

Using DoDots technology, users collect Dots from customer Web sites, including ZDNet, CNET, TrafficStation, iFUSE, DealTime, (Kmart online), Excite/, MapBlast, StartSampling, SherpaOnline, and KnowledgeTrack (visit for a complete list of customers). These collected Dots can then be turned on or off, re-sized, moved around, and grouped together on the desktop with the click of a mouse. Dots deliver content quickly and easily, providing the user with a highly flexible alternative to today's document-based model of the Internet.

About TrafficStation, Inc.

TrafficStation ( is North America's leading provider of personalized traffic and traveler information via the Internet, telecommunications and mobile wireless devices. Services are currently offered in 28 major metropolitan markets in the United States and Canada with a rapid North American rollout continuing through 2000.

Current clients and partners include AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, ESRI, Vicinity MapBlast!,, AvantGo,, Telus Advanced Communications, Innuity Media Services and US Wireless Corporation. TrafficStation was selected as Partner in the AZTech and Trips123 Federal Model Deployment initiatives in Arizona and New York. TrafficStation is working with Palm Computing to deliver its traffic solutions to popular Palm devices, with Microsoft for Windows CE devices, and with to deliver solutions through Web enabled telephones and wireless devices.

About DoDots Technology

Dot technology enables companies to fully brand, package, and instantly distribute their content to consumers. The process of creating Dots is quick and easy. Dots can behave just like applications, so companies can use them to distribute new features and highlight new content. Dot technology is built on established Internet standards and utilizes existing communication protocols to ensure reliability, scalability, and a way to easily leverage existing web site content.

About DoDots, Inc.

Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., DoDots, Inc., was founded in early 1999 by George Kembel, Tony Medrano and John Kembel. The company is privately held, with funding from SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Chase Capital Partners, Staenberg Venture Partners and Merrill Lynch. Visit for more information.
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Date:Sep 7, 2000
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