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Do your patients have questions about CAM and integrative therapies?: Know where to find the answers.

The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and integrative therapies in patients with cancer has steadily been on the rise. Oncology nurses need to know where to access accurate and reliable information. Check out these Web sites for additional information.

Deborah Braccia, RN, MPA, OCN[R], ONS Web Site Editor

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Title                      URL

ONS Complementary
and Alternative            complementary/index.shtml
Therapies Clinical
Resource Area

M.D. Anderson    
Cancer Center
Integrative Medicine
Education Resources

Memorial Sloan-  
Kettering Cancer
Center Integrative

National Center for
Complementary and
Alternative Medicine

Office of Cancer 
Complementary and
Alternative Medicine

Society for      
Integrative Oncology

Title                      Description

ONS Complementary          Includes publications, the Complementary
and Alternative            and Integrative Therapies Special
Therapies Clinical         Interest Group, archived webcasts, an
Resource Area              Evidence-Based Practice Topic Review,
                           and additional resources

M.D. Anderson              Provides educational resources on the
Cancer Center              current understanding of complementary
Complementary/             medicine and, where appropriate, assists
Integrative Medicine       in the integration of medicines and
Education Resources        therapies with conventional treatments

Memorial Sloan-            Provides evidence-based information
Kettering Cancer           about herbs, botanicals, and supplements
Center Integrative

National Center for        Focuses on scientific research about CAM
Complementary and
Alternative Medicine

Office of Cancer           Provides information about and research
Complementary and          on complementary and alternative therapies
Alternative Medicine       as they relate to cancer

Society for                Provides a forum for presenting,
Integrative Oncology       discussing, and reviewing evidence-based
                           research and treatment modalities in
                           integrative oncology medicine

Title                      Target Audience

ONS Complementary          Healthcare
and Alternative            professionals
Therapies Clinical
Resource Area

M.D. Anderson              Healthcare
Cancer Center              professionals
Complementary/             and patients;
Integrative Medicine       available in
Education Resources        Spanish

Memorial Sloan-            Healthcare
Kettering Cancer           professionals
Center Integrative         and patients

National Center for        Healthcare
Complementary and          professionals
Alternative Medicine       and patients;
                           available in

Office of Cancer           Healthcare
Complementary and          professionals
Alternative Medicine

Society for                Healthcare
Integrative Oncology       professionals
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Title Annotation:WEB CONNECT; complementary and alternative medicine
Author:Braccia, Deborah
Publication:ONS Connect
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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