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Do you use this as a floatation device? If so, then read this.


Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command has neither tested nor approved as a floatation device, the black, "tactical vest" issued under force protection (FP) allowance equipage lists (AEL) 2-320024501, 2-320024502, and 2-320024503. This vest was procured for FP tactical purposes only. Although the tag in the vest may say "Tactical Floatation Vest," depending on the weight of the wearer and how the vest is loaded, we suspect it will not provide sufficient buoyancy if used as the sole positive buoyancy device.

Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command message 160445Z JUL 01 reaffirms the ALSAFE message 221850Z JUN 01 and states that units are to cease using the tactical vest as a floatation device. If floatation is required, wear an approved floatation device listed in NSTM 077, not the tactical vest. Points of Contact: Mark Campbell NAVSEA 05L4 (202) 781-3619 and A. Woodward NAVSEA 04L41 (202) 781-1854) (DSN prefix 326)
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Title Annotation:submarines
Author:Krzywdzinski, R.
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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