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Do you rush to crush? Boy cah-razy? Super-choosy? Or somewhere in the middle?

There's something about spring that turns a gal's attention to, well, crushing your brains out. So, do you dig on a new dude more often than you change your socks? Or do you take your good, sweet time waiting for a quality guy to catch your eye? Take this quiz to find out how fast you fall and which crush speed might be your better bet.

1. You're saving a seat on the bus for your BFF Hilary. Suddenly, Jake, the superfox you're ga-ga for, asks if he can sit with you. You reply ...

a) "Absolutely!" before flinging Hilary's jacket on the yucko bus floor.

b) "Sorry, this seat's taken." Gotta be loyal to your girl!

c) "Well, I'm saving this seat for my friend ... but I've noticed you and I get off at the same stop. Wanna walk the rest of the way home together?"

2. Your bud Tammy slips you a note in homeroom: "Write down your secret crush, and pass this on." What's your next move?

a) You pull the cap off your pen--fast.

b) You pass the note back and whisper, "Secret crushes are so fifth-grade!"

c) You write, "Can't tell ya--that's the whole point of a secret crush!" and pass the note on.

3. Your across-the-street neighbor Josh is beyond dreamy--cute, smart, student council prez and an awesome athlete. How do you act around him?

a) You wake up at the crack of dawn every Saturday, plant yourself on your porch and, when he leaves his house around noon, scream, "Where ya goin'?!"

b) You never make eye contact with him under any circumstances. It's safer--any guy so perfect is bound to reject you.

c) You just smile, and say, "Hey."

4. How many dudes would you say you've dug on this school year?

a) Who can count 'em all?

b) Zero--the boys are so immature.

c) You've gotta admit, two or three cuties have gotten you slightly flustered.

5. Which of the following celebs do you consider the most crush-worthy?

a) Chad Michael Murray! No, wait--Jesse McCartney! No, wait--Lil Romeo! No, wait ...

b) Daniel Radcliffe because he's smart, cute, talented, and has that cool accent. Yep, he definitely meets your standards. C) Adam Brody seems pretty groovy--he's mellow and cool.

6. Sam is so gorge ... and the shyest boy in the Western Hemisphere. He blushes and smiles at you in the lunch line, but he's never uttered a single syllable. How do you strike up a chat sesh?

a) You march up to his caf table and ask flat out, "Are you, like, totally terrified of me or something?"

b) You're even shyer than he is, so you just stare at your fries.

c) You pass his table and casually say, "Hi, Sam. How's the mac-and-cheese?"

7. You're talking it up with Kevin for the first time. How do you steer the convo so you feel most at ease?

a) You talk about anything and everything he wants to talk about.

b) You interrogate him to make sure his grades are great, his b-ball free-throw average is high and that he hangs out with the most popular clique.

C) You talk about yourself a little; he talks about himself a little.

8. How do you most like a boy to dress?

a) He could wear plaid knickers and a yellow rubber shirt as long as he's a boy and he's breathing.

b) Something adorable from Abercrombie, like he stepped off the store poster.

c) Jeans and a cool T-shirt are hot.

9) Shane, who sits behind you in bio, is quite the hottie. Who do you tell?

a) Shane, of course!

b) Your inner circle. You poll them to weigh the pros and cons of Shane.

c) Just your BFF for now.

10) You've developed a little something-something for Will, your guy friend. What the heck are you gonna do?

a) Send him a super-flirty e-mail.

b) Stop hanging out with him or even returning his calls. You're way too embarrassed to even face him now!

C) Act normal, hang with him like you always have, and see if anything evolves.

Crushin' Queen

Mostly A's

Oops you did it again--felt in deep with the next boy to breeze past your locker! Almost any guy could get you going--you love the thrills chills of a fresh crush. Which is fine. Sort of. It's awesome to appreciate boys' varying qualities. Maybe you're figuring out what great traits appeal to you, and that's cool. That helps you figure what you ultimately want most in a BF.

Avoid crushing to the extreme, though, Don't broadcast to the whole school that you dig him, or phone his house over and over only to hang up when he answers (caller ID, hello!), The best kind of crush is one you keep secret at first--or share with your BFF, max. No need to blab to the world how over-the-moon you are for him.

Consider getting to know a guy as a friend, not just as Yummy Boy of the Week. Get acquainted with the guys in your air space--the cute ones and, yep, those you dismissed as not-so-cute. The more you learn about a really great guy, the more attractive he becomes! Truly.

Choosy chick

Mostly B's

You don't waste crush energy on just anybody. A guy has to have it goin' on for you to give him a glance.

It's fab to want the best, but are you taking the crush thing a little seriously? There are roe no-fail ways to tell....

First: Do you stick like glue to certain rules? Like, you never date a boy who doesn't make honor roll. Or you don't dig dark eyes. If you generalize too much about what a BF "should" be like, you'll miss out on some great guys!

Second: Do you worry too much that your crush won't like you back? Sure, its scary to let yourself fall for a boy--your feelings could get bent. The trick is to not be so intense about it. Crushing supposed to be fun! if things don't work out with one boy. there are millions more roaming the Earth.

Third: Do you feel all goony when you think a guy is hot? Don't! A crush is like a delicious, juicy secret. You can totally keep it to yourself. Crushes aren't anything to wig out over--they're a very cool part of growing up.

Grounded Girl

Mostly C's

You have the boy concept so balanced, You get what a blast it is to have a flirty crush, but you also know there's a lot more to life. Boys are an itsy-bitsy part of your big picture--your focus is also on school, buds, sports, clubs and fam.

Your well-rounded ways can actually help you get along great with the dudes you dig. The more cool stuff you're interested in, the more you have to talk about with a guy. Say you totally love watching the Williams sisters rock the tennis court on TV, and you're dying to master the game yourself. By joining co-ed tennis, you can learn to blast a killer serve--plus, get to know a few cute guys who are into the same sport.

What else you've got going on? Confidence! You like yourself, and it shows. Stressing over whether you might make a fool of yourself in front of a boy is so not your style. Another smooth move you make? You see boys as people, not mysterious aliens from the planet Zork. So you chat 'era up with a relaxed vibe that puts guys at ease. Sweet!
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