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Do you offer any tutoring programs for athletes with academic problems?

by Karen Ryan Athletic Director Savannah Coll. of Art & Design

We offer a school-wide program that assigns each student to an academic counselor, who assists the student in the management of his or her time and studies.

We recognize that athletes have special time constraints and that their coaches - who work, travel, and train with them - are more likely to be the first to spot their academic problems.

The coaches are thus in the best position to get the athlete to seek out his or her academic counselor for help - all in keeping with our philosophy of providing individual attention to students and athletes in need.

Obviously this system puts the emphasis on the coach, but that is the right place for it. Coaches understand the need for academic stability and are responsible for seeing that all the academic standards are being met.

We know that our system is working whenever we find our athletes bringing their problems to us rather than the other way around. We also encourage our instructors to keep us informed about athletes who are having academic problems.

By Mark A. Neish Athletic Director Marysville (KS) High School

We do not have any special tutorial programs for athletes having academic problems. We treat them as we would any other student at Marysville.

Our school At-Risk Coordinator submits a down list to our office designating all the students in jeopardy. The coaches and my office sort out these lists every week and pick out the athletes who require assistance.

We then get in touch with their teachers and offer all the assistance we can in furnishing help for our athletes.

Our wrestling coach does an outstanding job with his at-risk athletes. He runs a study hall program for them, with their parents doing the proctoring on a volunteer basis!

The program works extremely well, as it involves the parents with the program, and makes the athletes feel very comfortable in the study hall.

We have discovered that parents interested enough to serve as study-hall proctors are going to encourage a good discipline and serve as a motivational force.

By Tom Boeh Director of Athletics Ohio University

Our student-athletes have a unique situation at Ohio in that they are assigned to counselors by an assistant athletic director for academic services. The counselors assist the student-athletes in putting together their programs, budgeting their time, and developing their study skills, as well as helping them with their special needs, providing direction, and guiding them through some of the bureaucracy they have to deal with.

Our aim is to prevent academic problems. Our counselors are constantly monitoring grades, test scores, and attendance, and are always on the lookout for the small problems that can become big problems if not immediately addressed.

Any time a student-athlete loses his or her eligibility, we feel that our office hasn't done its job. Whenever poor test scores, reports, and such begin to surface, the counselors are alerted to the situation and are expected to head off the trouble at the pass.

Our goal at Ohio is to graduate our athletes with meaningful degrees.
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Date:Dec 1, 1995
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