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Do you know your acetate from your Einsturzende Neubaten.

Byline: Steven Daly

THERE ARE football obsessives, film buffs and telly addicts - but no anorak is truly as dedicated or strange as the rock snob. They're the guys we've all met at parties, who spend all night lamenting the loss of vinyl, waffling on about Gram Parsons and making puke noises when dance music comes on the stereo.

Now journalist Steven Daly, former drummer of Glasgow band Orange Juice, has co-written The Rock Snobs Dictionary. So here's how to bluff your way through a conversation with the biggest music anoraks in the world

Acetate: An old-fashioned way of recording a single or album on to a disposable disc for record executives or press previews - a real collector's item and forerunner of the demo tape Captain Beefheart: Stage name of US born psychedelic rocker Don Van Vliet, who created bizarre records such as 1969's Trout Mask Replica and is considered a rock snob god. His music featured his crazy rants over trippy instrumentals The Brill Building: Art deco-style office block in Manhattan, home of songwriters and production teams from Broadway days right through to Burt Bacharach in the 60sDJ Kool Herc: Jamaican born DJ known by snobs as the real inventor of modern hip-hop, thanks to his pioneering use of scratching, breakbeats and dual turntables. Dub Plates:The holy grail of music collectors - rare one-off disc recordings of Jamaican reggae from the 60s which were cut as one-off gifts to exclusive DJs.

Einsturzende Neubaten: German punk band from the early 80s whose name translates as Imploding New Buildings. Music consisted mainly of bizarre loud noise punctuated by electric drill and circular saw sounds.

Fairlight: Australian brand of keyboard synthesiser popularised by pop stars who wanted to sound eerie and modern, with famous users including Peter Gabriel, Alan Parsons and Jan Hammer Albert Goldman: The enemy of rock snobs, this biographer incurred the wrath of musos everywhere for his scathing biographies of first John Lennon and then Elvis.

Jim:The snobs' name for punk legend Iggy Pop, real name James Osterberg Lord Upminster:The fans' nickname for late rocker and poet Ian 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' Dury MC5:American godfathers of punk music, famous for albums such as Kick Out The Jams.

Blind Willie McTell: Georgia- born blues man, who died young, but achieved legend status among the dedicated for having a cool name and low profile.

Mellotron:Wacky 60s electric keyboard, staple of psychedelic bands and heard on the intro for The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Paisley Underground: An 80s genre of jangly folk meets psychedelic pop, featuring bands such as The Bangles, Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade.The title relates to the pattern, not the Renfrewshire town Gram Parsons:The founder of country rock music and former member of The Byrds who inspired a generation of rockers, including The Rolling Stones, to adopt a gentler style in their music. Died 1973.

Power Pop:The term given by snobs to bands who play Beatles-style (but usually not as good) poppy tunes but use much heavier guitars. Bands include Teenage Fanclub,Weezer and CheapTrick. P-Funk: The wacky funk music invented by George Clinton and Parliament which inspired rappers, dance artists and rock bands such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Rickenbacker:Californian-made brand of jingly jangly guitars made famous by artists like The Byrds on Mr Tambourine Man, andone of the elite instruments that rock snobs like to waffle on about.

Whodini: Old school rappers and contemporaries of Run DMC - have become snob royalty because they weren't as successful as their pals, or never sold out, as a snob would say.

Zimmy: The fans' name for Bob Dylan, left, - based on his real surname Zimmerman.

Zoso: The hardcore fans' title for Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album, because of the bizarre symbol, reading zoso, which Jimmy Page adopted.

The Rock Snob's Dictionary by David Kamp and Steven Daly,pounds 7.99,is released on July 25by Sanctuary Publishing


A RIFF GUIDE: A Rickenbacker; Captain Beefheart `s Magic Band, Ian Dury, top right and a Mellotron
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