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Do you know the way to old-time big Shea?

S. Preston Art + Designs has released the Minimalist MLB Ballparks Collection, which is officially licensed by Major League Baseball. The collection comprises the artist's interpretations of all 30 MLB ballparks; he focuses on one key feature of the ballpark and designs the piece with his unique style. Preston's work represents clean, modern art that appeals to the style-conscious and discerning sports fan. Included, of course, are the sites of the 111th World Series, Kauffman Stadium, home of the American League (and world) champion Kansas City Royals, and Citi Field, home of the National League pennant-winning New York Mets. (This was Citi's first time hosting the Fall Classic.)

Preston also has released the Minimalist MLB "Heritage" Ballparks Collection, which is his take on 16 iconic stadiums that are part of baseball's storied past, including Chicago's Comiskey Park, Milwaukee's County Stadium, New York's Shea Stadium, and Houston's AstroDome. The Big Shea, of course, was the site of the Miracle Mets 1969 World Series championship, as well as the 1986 Classic when the Amazin's again won it all at their home in Queens.

Preston's Minimalist MLB Ballparks and Heritage Collection ( are available in small poster size (8.5" x 11") for $35, medium art print (13" x 19") for $60, large art print (24" x 32") for $170 and limited edition art print (17" x 26") and canvas (16" x 24") for $395. Custom frames are available for all sizes.

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Date:Nov 1, 2015
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