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Do you know the reasons for your Negotiations?

No proposal, no date, no progress-is a deja vu epilogue of the two-decade negotiations between Macedonia and Greece for the name dispute in UN, concluded Slobodanka Jovanovska in Utrinski vesnik. Generally speaking, the last negotiations in New York showed that there is a lack of will in both countries to make a compromise and they still waste energy on passing the guilt. In order for the prolongation to be more convincing, Macedonia pleads for EU interference and Greece opposes it. The outcome of the negotiations is to show their true intentions hidden in the prolongation. In our country that is the mutual blame-passing on the inside, in Greece that is the attempt to prolong the period in order to close us the gate to the EU, adds Jovanovska.

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Publication:Opinion Piece in Macedonian Press
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Date:Nov 14, 2014
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