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Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


Do you have the right attitude to become a successful entrepreneur? Take this selfscoring quiz to see just how you rate. Read each question and the possible answers. Then put a check mark in the space provided. 1. You would love to have a lot of money: ___ a. To move into a plush neighborhood. ___ b. To send your kids to private school. ___ c. To finally pay off all of your

outstanding debts. ___ d. To use it to make more money. 2. When you're at a party, you usually: ___ a. Drink, dance and have fun. ___ b. Network and collect business cards. ___ c. Spend all night talking to a

knowledgeable business contact. ___ d. Ferret out business contacts you can

call later. 3. A potential company investor visits you unannounced as you are about to leave with your fiancee to meet her parents. You decide to: ___ a. Meet with the investor and tell your

fiancee the date is off. ___ b. Make an appointment with the

potential investor at a later date. ___ c. Bring the investor along on the date

and talk business there. ___ d. Take an aspirin and count to 10. 4. When you see a store clerk tell off a rude shopper, you: ___ a. Admire the clerk for standing up for

himself. ___ b. Immediately start cursing out whoever

you think is wrong. ___ c. Sympathize with the shopkeeper for

possibly losing a customer. ___ d. Sympathize with the customer for

having to put up with abuse. 5. When you go out for the evening with a group of friends: ___ a. You can usually convince the group to

do something special. ___ b. The group does what it usually does

when all of you go out. ___ c. The group pretty much ignores your

suggestions. ___ d. The group recommends that you see a

psychiatrist or a minister. 6. Starting a business is a financial sacrifice in the beginning. You're willing to: ___ a. Give up steady paychecks and paid

vacations from your job. ___ b. Give up your dental insurance,

expense account and the corner office. ___ c. Mortgage your home and take your

kids out of private school. ___ d. All of the above. 7. You want to go into a business where: ___ a. You can take a hands-off approach in

the beginning. ___ b. You can make the most money in the

shortest time. ___ c. You know the business well from

previous experience. ___ d. You can receive help from your local

unemployment office about labor

problems. 8. When you have to work late: ___ a. You don't mind so long as you get

compensated for it. ___ b. You don't mind because it makes your

boss happy. ___ c. You don't mind if that's what it takes to

get the job done. ___ d. You hate working late for any reason

at all. 9. When your work day ends, you like to: ___ a. Go drinking with your friends. ___ b. Go to a networking forum. ___ c. Work out in a gym. ___ d. Attend business symposiums. 10. How much money do you think you'll need to start your own business? ___ a. Enough to get through one or two

years. ___ b. You don't know, but you'll borrow it

from a bank when you need it. ___ c. You don't know, but you'll try to have a

variety of financing sources available. ___ d. You don't have to worry about this

because you have rich parents. 11. You would seriously reconsider going into business for yourself if: ___ a. Your potential business competitors

thought you were crazy. ___ b. Your business associates and

potential investors thought you didn't know

what you were doing. ___ c. Your friends and family thought you

were going through a phase. ___ d. Your minister or priest recommended

emotional counseling. 12. You would consider running a business with a partner if: ___ a. You could become senior partner and

run the business. ___ b. Your partner came up with the cash

and let you run the company. ___ c. Your partner brought talents to the

business that complemented your

own. ___ d. The world was coming to an end. 13. To make your new business venture a success, you'll need to: ___ a. Plan everything in detail early so you

won't have to worry about it later. ___ b. Plan to know everything about your

business down to the smallest detail. ___ c. Hire somebody to take care of the

detail work. ___ d. Take the long view of things and not

worry about the details. 14. In your new business, you expect to: ___ a. Take pleasure in your own

entrepreneurship instead of having immediate

monetary rewards. ___ b. Make more money in the first year

than your former annual salary. ___ c. Stay perfectly calm when you fall

short of your sales projections. ___ d. Be surprised if the business operates

in the black right away. 15. When things don't go well for your new business, you basically believe that: ___ a. You're having trouble because of the

poor state of the economy. ___ b. You should not have gone into

business in the first place. ___ c. You feel guilty because you know the

problems are your own fault. ___ d. You accept responsibility and

immediately start looking for solutions.


The preferable answer for each question received 3 points, the second-best answer gets 2 points, the third-best answer gets 1 point, the poorest answer scores nothing. 1. d,c,b,a: For true entrepreneurs, making money is an end in itself. 2. d,c,b,a: There is no such thing as a purely social gathering for serious businesspersons. They are always at work. 3. a,b,c,d: If you're serious about owning a business, prepare to have your social life suffer for a while. 4. c,a,d,b: If you don't sympathize with the boss automatically, then you shouldn't try to become one. 5. a,b,c,d: Leadership is crucial. If you don't have it, stick to a salaried job. 6. d,c,b,a: Just be prepared. Success will always cost more than you think. 7. b,c,a,d: Capitalists always head for the bucks. If you have the right state of mind and management skills, you don't have to go into a field that you know well. 8. c,a,b,d: Working late comes with the territory. There's no way around it. 9. d,b,c,a: Business forums will help you learn more about how to run your business than a networking forum. 10. c,a,b,d: Don't depend on any one source for money. But, if you can get a financial cushion, it's not a bad idea. 11. b,c,a,d: If the people who know your plans best doubt you, then think hard about whether you should proceed. 12. c,b,a,d: If you can't pick a partner that you can work with, go it alone. 13. c,b,a,d: Don't become bogged down in minutiae. Learn to delegate. 14. a,d,c,b: It's a fact: The first year of operation will probably not be profitable. Make realistic plans. 15. d,c,a,b: You must take full responsibility for your business. The buck stops with you.


40-45: What are you waiting for? Entrepreneurship seems to come naturally to you. You're probably ready to give it a try. 32-39: Starting your own business may scare you, but once you gain confidence, you'll have a good chance of success. 26-31: You've thought of ownership, but you can't picture yourself as an entrepreneur. 20-25: Ownership really isn't important to you. You only dream about it. 0-19: Don't quit your job--you're really not cut out to operate your own business.
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