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Do you have all your publications?

You never know when your unit might deploy. That's why it pays to be ready. Part of readiness lies in having all your equipment publications on hand.

How do you find out what publications your unit needs? Ask the USAMC Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) to put together a complete tailored pubs listing for you.

Requesting a Tailored Pubs List

For LOGSA to create the list, they'll need to know what equipment you have. If your unit uses the Standard Property Book System-Revised (SPBS-R) or Unit Level Logistics System S-4 (ULLS S-4), ask your property book officer to download a copy of your unit's hand receipt onto a MS-DOS 3 1/2-in disk.

After you download the data, mail the disk to LOGSA. Or you can send the file data as an e-mail attachment.

For those units who don't use SPBS-R or ULLS S-4, LOGSA offers several options:

* You can submit your unit identification code (UIC). Using the UIC and the Army Total Asset Visibility (ATAV) database, LOGSA can create at tailored pubs list.

* Ask for an Equipment Query User Interface Program (EQUIP) Disk. The disk contains an IBM PC (DOS) compatible software program that prompts you for the data, including line item numbers (LINs) and UIC. You don't have to enter NSNs and quantities. They're used by the PLL/ASL program.

Before you enter the data, make copies of the four files on the EQUIP Disk. That way you'll have files on hand if you want tailored pubs lists in the future.

After you enter the data, mail the disk, Or you can send only the qry.dat file as an email attachment. Never send the .exe file as an email attachment; it won't make it through the firewall.

* Another method is to send the recapitulation of equipment part of the MTOE. Send it on a 3 1/2-in disk or as an email attachment. Just make sure you include your UIC.

* If your list of equipment contains fewer than 10 LINs, LOGSA will accept them over the phone.

* You can also tax your LINs. Center them on the paper so that digits don't get cut off. Use a size 14-point font and leave 1 1/2-in margins on each side.

* If you happen to be visiting Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, you can deliver your LINs in person. Just phone LOGSA and they'll direct you to the right office.

When you ask for your tailored pubs list, make sure to include the maintenance level(s) you want the list to cover, your name, rank, UIC for each unit, postal mailing address, email address, and DSN or commercial phone number.

One "Do" and Four "Don'ts"

* DO use only 3 1/2-in high density disks.

* DO NOT send ZIP files.

* DO NOT send <DIR> files.

* DO NOT send 5 1/4-in disks.

* DO NOT use non-ASCII formats unless you can successfully convert them to ASCII.

What You'll Receive

LOGSA will send you a tailored pubs listing as an email attachment. If you prefer, you can get it on a disk or in hard copy. It shows every equipment publication you need in your unit to support the equipment you have assigned.

LOGSA Addresses and Phone Numbers





Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000

Email address:


DSN 897-6115 or (256) 313-6115


DSN 645-9850 or (256) 955-9850


1. A list of rejected LINs. LINs make the rejected list for a number of reasons.

They may have been deleted or superseded. They may be so new they're not yet in the LOGSA database. Non-DA LINs will have no Army publications and will show up on the rejected list. And, finally, the LINs may have been entered incorrectly.

2. A list of publication in alphanumeric order and cross referenced to end items.

3. A list of publications for each LIN. 2002/591/591-57-59.pdf
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