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Do you have a bum bung?



On the 10-kw through 60-kw TQGs, the fuel drain is located on the skid base.

On the 5-kw, the fuel drain is inside the generator housing near the oil drain valve.



* JP-8 fuel causes the rubber in some bungs to swell. The rubber softens, cracks, splits and eventually leaks.

* Another reason for leaks is that bungs are sometimes installed too tightly. Overtighten a bung and you're likely to crack and split the rubber. Then you've created a leak.


Installing a New Bung

* Make sure the fuel tank and bung are clean and dry before you install the bung.

* Put the bung into the tank opening.

* Coat the threads of a straight adapter, NSN 4730-01-387-7158, with sealing compound.

* Put a flat washer, NSN 5310-01-365-8138, over the bung.

* Insert the straight adapter through the flat washer and into the bung.

* Tighten the adapter with a torque wrench to 40 in-lb.

An Assortment of
Sealing Compounds

NSN 8030-00- Size

849-0071 1 1/2-oz tube
220-6973 4-oz can
252-3391 11-oz tube
656-1426 1-pt can
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