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Do more to safeguard our birds of prey; LETTERS.

Do more to safeguard our birds of prey TERRIBLE news about the male Osprey electrocuted near Pentrefoelas recently, as seen in Farm and Country in the Daily Post 14th May.

The article states that in some countries, modified designs to prevent perching as well as greater cable insulations and increasing the separation of conductors, have reduced bird deaths.

This modification is available in this country, especially in areas where bird deaths due to electrocutions are involved.

We live on the moor above Cerrigydrudion in a beautiful area that has Buzzards, Kites and Harriers, and we also keep and fly our own birds of prey.

We were informed last year by Scottish Power that our power poles and transformers were to be replaced, and so we asked the company if it would replace the old equipment with the new bird-friendly kit that was initially developed by Morlan Nelson in the USA and Dr Nick Fox here in Great Britain.

We pointed out the risks to our own birds when they landed on a pole. Our local Scottish Power engineers have told us that many birds of prey are being electrocuted, mainly Buzzards, which then caused power failures in the area.

After a little persuasion, the company agreed to carry out the work using the longer cross arms and insulated 'jumpers.' .' Even the transformer boxes are almost impossible for a bird of prey to land upon.

Scottish Power is in the process of renewing/replacing poles all along the Conwy Valley and now would be an opportune time to request the new equipment rather than replacing like for like.

I do hope this information is of interest to someone, and that we can educate these power companies into taking more interest in the safety of Britain's birds of prey.

Stuart and Val Wilkinson, Cerrig Falconry, Conwy

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:May 19, 2015
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