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Q The wood fenceposts at m community are not very old, yet they appear to be rolling out in the ground. I feel they should have lasted much longer. The fence now leans and is a danger. I will be replacing all the posts soon and want to know how to stop the posts from rolling in the concrete footings. Any suggestions?

A Your problem is most likely poor drainage. The posts rot away because of excessive moisture. For a long-term installation, use either redwood or pressure-treated lumber. Dig your posthole at least six inches deeper than normal. Fill the bottom six inches of the hole with half-inch-sized gravel. Then, set your post in place, level it and pour in another two or three inches of gravel. Fill the balance of the hole with Ready-Mix or Post-Mix concrete.

Taper the top of the wet concrete at a slight angle to the post; this will help drain water away from the post.. For added protection, you can consider waterproofing your post with Thompson 's Water Seal or roofing tar. That should help keep your post healthy for much longer.

Q I am starting mi planning for a 77N/or kitchen cabinet remodeling protect in my apartments. However, I am having a difficult time making material and design decisions. Any recommendation?

A When making a kitchen or bath material selection, cohesive and functional design is important. Kitchen and bath rehabs are some of the most expensive work you can do in an apartment, making proper planning a must.

To appeal to a larger segment of the population, try to keep' the interior color scheme to neutral earth tones. Cabinetry quality varies greatly: Don't let the cabinet fronts fool you--manufacturers design their cabinets to look good at first glance.

Keep in mind, being in a rental environment, the cabinets also need to hold up to abuse. Look at the actual construction of the cabinet box or frame. Keep in mind: You do not need to use custom cabinets to fit your existing layout. The use of prefabricated modular cabinetry can greatly reduce the time and cost to have a finished kitchen or bathroom.

Using real wood cabinet fronts with 3/8-inch plywood sides is essential for durability. The drawer fronts and sides should be connected with a dovetail or other positive lock construction. Drawers that are held together by nails or cabinets built with particle board will not hold up to resident abuse.

Additionally, if you are gutting the kitchen or bathroom, use this time to relocate and add more electrical outlets and under-cabinet lighting.

Jerry L'Ecuyer and Frank Alvarez, Buffalo

Maintenance, Anaheim, Calif Send questions to

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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