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Do it yourself - hang an internal door; YOU CAN DO IT.

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* Tools for the job Flat wood drill bit set, Pozi screwdriver, wood chisels, mallet, saw, bradawl, sandpaper, screwdriver set, tape measure, plane, goggles, dust mask, gloves, dust sheet Wear safety goggles and a dust mask when sawing or planing wood as the dust and wood chippings can cause damage to both eyes and lungs. Remove the old door Remove the screws from the bottom hinge before the top hinge. If the hinges or screws have been painted over, chip away the paint with a screwdriver. Support the door when the last screw is taken out.

Cut the new door to size * Hold the new door in the door frame to see if it needs adjustment. * There should be a 2mm gap between the door and the frame on either side and at the top.

Allow 5-10mm at the bottom of the door if you have a thick carpet. * Use the old door as a template if it was a good fit.

Take off even amounts from the top and bottom.

Use a saw or a plane to take off any excess of more than 6mm.

Fixing hinges on the door frame Check your new hinges fit against the old ones on the frame. If not, rest them on the bottom of the existing hinge recess on the frame and mark along the top of the new hinge. Cut out the excess wood with a chisel and mallet. The new hinge must sit flush to the door frame.

Screw each hinge to the door frame with a single screw and open the hinges. The hinge pivots (edges) should stick out from the frame edge.

Prop the door in the door frame, resting it on wedges so that there's the correct gap at the bottom. Use a pencil to mark where the top and the bottom of the hinges sit on the door.

Fixing hinges on the door Unscrew the hinges from the door frame and lay them on the edge of the door, making sure they line up with your pencil marks. Draw around the hinge flaps and use a straight edge to mark the width of the hinge onto the door.

Use a chisel and mallet and tap around the outline of the hinge shapes making sure that the 'bevel' (sloped edge) of the chisel is facing towards the waste wood. Make a series of cuts across the wood at 5mm intervals to the same depth as the flap.

Check the hinges fit flush and fix with one screw per hinge, using a screw or a bradawl a bit smaller than the screw to make a starter hole. Hanging your new door Support the door on wedges at right angles to the frame, fix the hinge flaps to the door frame, using only one screw so it's easier to adjust.

Once the door opens and closes easily you can fix the remaining screws.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 26, 2011
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