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Do it! Jobs for the week.


SPREAD bark mulch over the crowns of slightly tender perennials such as penstemons (right) to protect them from the cold and damp.

PLANT spring-flowering bulbs and sow a batch of sweet peas for fragrant-scented blooms in early May - around six weeks earlier than those sown in March.

SPRAY weed-infested gravel drives, paths and patios with Pathclear. It will kill existing weeds and leave a residual layer that prevents the growth of new seedlings for months.


HARVEST onions, garlic and shallots as the tops wither. Dig under the bulbs to sever the roots and leave to dry in the sun for a week or more before storing them in net bags in a frost-free shed.

PLANT evergreen shrubs while the soil is still warm and in exposed gardens erect a temporary net screen around them to protect the leaves from drying winds.

CUT dead perennials down to soil level and tidy flowerbeds to remove plant debris that could harbour slugs, snails and other pests. Add it to the compost heap.


SPIKE badly-drained lawns with a hollow-tine aerator, sweeping up the soil cores left on the surface. Brush gritty compost into the holes.

CUT out dead wood from fan-trained cherries. Prune back all side shoots, previously shortened in summer, to just three buds and tie in growth.

AFTER removing shading from greenhouses, empty spent crops and wash down the inside and outside of the glass and any staging with disinfectant.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 7, 2007
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