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Django Ltd. Launches "JUST!!! DX", an iPhone/iPad Application for up to 44 Players.

Launching the Body Clock Battle Application "JUST!!! DX" for the iPhone/iPad

TOKYO -- Django Ltd. has released "JUST!!! DX", an iPhone/iPad application that tests the accuracy of your internal body clock in a world that requires split second precision, available on the App Store from October 06, 2011.

This is an innovative game where multiple players compete to have the most accurate internal body block.

This version builds on the features provided by "JUST!!!", its predecessor boasting a record total of 100,000 downloads; it uses additional Bluetooth functionality to allow multiple players to compete with each other.

With "JUST!!!", up to 5 people can play together on the iPhone, and on the iPad the maximum number of players is 11. But, with the additional functionality provided by "JUST!!! DX", you can have 4 iPhones playing together allowing up to 20 players, and 4 iPads allowing a maximum of 44 players.

" JUST!!! DX " - Basic Functionality

Press your finger against the screen for the number of seconds specified at random (between 3 and 9 seconds).

Use your own internal body clock to estimate when this target number of seconds has passed, and release your finger at the end of the count.

Winners are chosen based on the difference between the target number of seconds and the actual seconds counted by your body clock.

Up to 5 people can play together on the iPhone, and up to 11 on the iPad.

Up to 4 iPhones and 4 iPads can be put together to play with each other over Bluetooth.

(4 iPhones allow up to 20 players, and 4 iPads allow a maximum of 44 players.)

Although this application is played against many people, it can also be enjoyed by one person as the result screen displays a really fun message at the end.

"JUST!!! DX" - Overview

Available Sites : iTunes App Store

App name : JUST!!! DX

Launch Date : October 06, 2011.


Price : $0.99

Supported Devices : iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPad, iPad2, iPod touch(3rd, 4th)

Company Info

Django Ltd.

Location: #101, 2-16-4, Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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Date:Oct 7, 2011
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