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Dixie Crows chapter. (AOC Association News).

The Dixie Crows' president is Julie Vick, a Crow of great energy. In fact, there are some lively Crows down there. Julie reported to her gang some information on the efforts of CMSgt Jeffery Gryczewski and CMSgt Kathy Mast, as they discussed the Airman's Relief Fund (ARF). The chapter board had voted to donate $2,000 to the ARF. Four names were then drawn for attendance prizes. The names drawn were those of four absent members, so the scholarship fund was the $125 winner....Roger DeBona reported on their recent membership drive. Fifty new members were signed up -- 14 by the president herself! Vera Perrine, a recent joiner herself, signed up 10 new members. Dave Kendall, Jr., came in third place with six new members. Dave got all of these while working at the membership table at the symposium. There is an old saying down South: "If you don't ask'em, they ain't likely to join."...The latest Dixie Crow newsletter tells the story of one of their members, Lt Col Sam Neal. He is not in Dixie at the moment. This de ployed warrior is now where there is lots of sand and dust. Normal temperatures range from 110-120[degrees]F. As soon as he returns from Saudi Arabia, he will retire from the Air Force.

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Author:Graves, Dan
Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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