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Divisive PM can't be thought great; views of the North.

IT is sad to see how deluded some people are, and in today''s edition of THE JOURNAL we have David Cox''s asinine view that Margaret Thatcher was not hated.

In addition to that ludicrous statement he adds that the Iron Malady is the greatest peacetime Prime Minister we have had.

Except he is wrong on two counts, firstly that she was a peacetime PM, which cannot be as she created a war in the Falklands.

Secondly, such a divisive PM cannot be considered to be great, she was an arrogant self-opinionated dictator.

What is it with the Tory Party that they want to exile anyone who challenges their policies or icons. Are they so insecure that they want to throw out anyone who doesn''t agree with them? Mind you with Theresa May''s record on getting rid of undesirables, I shouldn''t worry too much.

JOHN W GRAY, Oxclose Village, Washington
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 16, 2013
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