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Divisional report.

Zoology and Entomology

The Zoology and Entomology Division met on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb 19, 200t. During this sixty-eighth annual meeting of MAS, there was a symposium on "Sickle cell anemia and its prevalence among blacks in some southern states of the USA" which contained four presentations. In addition, four oral presentations and one poster were made. In the report of 2002, it was stated that efforts would be made to involve more graduate and undergraduate students. This objective was achieved as was the case last year. About four oral papers were presented by graduate students, two by undergraduates and a poster, by an undergraduate student. About 25 individuals attended the presentations. The symposium was captivating and generated a lot of questions, discussions and comments. A need to continue this kind of symposium was implicitly expressed. The papers presented were also interesting, informative and excited attention, comments and questions. We anticipate continued interest and participation of Division members and invite new members to join us, and make their contributions.

During the business meeting, a motion was made that the present officers of the Division continue to serve in their respective capacities. The motion carried. So Dr. Alex D. W. Acholonu of Acorn State University, continues to serve as Chair of the Zoology and Entomology Division and Dr. Elgenaid Hamadain of Jackson State University, as the Vice-Chair. I feel deeply honored to be found worthy to serve again as the Chair of the Division.
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Author:Acholonu, Alex D.W.
Publication:Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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