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Division studying spring meeting changes.

The Marketing Communications Committee continues to develop into a dynamic force in the Rubber Division. The group has been strengthened with new members bringing solid experience in marketing, advertising and journalism, and leading to business partnerships to further promote our efforts.

A marketing task force drove the efforts to develop the committee's business plan, conduct a comprehensive survey of members and potential members, and form recommendations on actions to take based on the survey results. With its business plan in place, and the results of the comprehensive survey evaluated, this committee can now move forward to implement the recommendations made.

A key development in this process is the addition of Tammy Sobleskie to the Rubber Division staff. With her strong background and experience, she will be an integral part of the committee, and provide the knowledge and support a solid marketing program requires. Sobleskie will also be an important member of a task force now being organized to coordinate the implementation of survey recommendations and marketing initiatives.

Another positive step has been increased interaction between this committee and others, such as Membership and Education, to coordinate marketing efforts. This has led to an improvement, not just in promoting Division courses and programs, but also in achieving our "branding" strategy for a unified market presence.

One recommendation made, as a result of the survey analysis, was to examine the format of the Division technical meetings and determine if changes are necessary to better meet the needs of today's market. As a result, the technical program task force has been formed. It has already developed some recommendations, particularly in regards to new formats for the spring meetings. Their work will continue, and a report will be presented to the Division steering committee at the fall 2004 meeting in Columbus, OH. Look for new and exciting things to come.
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Author:DeLapa, Terry
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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