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Division report: New and Related Services Division.

Announcing New and Related Services' First Joint Session

Information and Communication Technologies--Shaping the New Economy

Thursday, December 13, 2001 3:15-5:00 p.m.

New and Related Services will hold its first joint session at this year's annual convention. The session will feature two speakers who will help all ACTE members understand the implications of the changing United States and world marketplaces.

The first speaker is Duncan Campbell with the Employment Strategy Department of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland. The topic that Campbell has chosen is: Life at Work in the Information Economy. His presentation is based on the findings of the ILO's latest "World Employment Report." It will provide an overview of the impact of the information and communications technology (ICT) revolution on global employment trends, opportunities and challenges. Topics include the importance of access to the Internet, distance-learning applications, the ability to transform existing knowledge into new knowledge and lifelong learning in schools and at work. Attention will also be drawn to the existence of a "digital gender gap."

The second topic will be: Help Wanted: The Changing Structure of American Demography, Jobs, Skills and Earnings through 2008. Our presenter is Anthony P. Carnevale, the vice president for public leadership of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Washington, D.C. This presentation is based on "Help Wanted.... Credentials Required," a recent collaborative study carried out by ETS and the American Association of Community Colleges. The discussion will include implications of the trends reflected in the data collection with regard to the relative demand for general academic and job specific skills and the relative value of high school education and postsecondary degrees, including AAs and BAs. Graduate degrees, certificates, certification and customized training will also be addressed. The presentation will conclude with a brief examination of implications of these trends regarding equity and education funding. Copies of the report will be available to participants.

All convention attendees are invited to join us for this session.

ACTE Editorial and Publication Committee members and Division vice presidents are responsible for Division Report content. Debbie Potts is the vice president and James Comer is the Editorial and Publications Committee representative for the New and Related Services Division.


Debbie Potts has been an active ACTE member since the mid-70s. Prior to being elected vice president of New and Related Services, Debbie served as state president, member of the Region III Policy Committee, member of the first ACTE Legislative Committee, and president and conference planning chair for the Vocational Instructional Materials Section of NRS.

For 28 1/2 years, Debbie was a secondary teacher in family and consumer sciences. For 18 of those years, she served as a department administrator for all career and technical education in a large Chicago suburban high school. In 1993, she took early retirement and moved to new challenges at the Illinois Office of Educational Services (IOES). At IOES, Debbie develops and presents special projects and customized services. She works,with business/industry, state agencies, and secondary and postsecondary schools to assist them in developing training and instruction.
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