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Guam--Remote, but No Longer Overlooked. Sklarewitz, Norman Travel narrative Dec 1, 2017 1076
The Kingdom of the Medusae. Goldman, Anne Essay Mar 22, 2016 2063
Shallow water blackout. Odango, Evelyn Jul 1, 2015 1346
Mastering the "master switch". Cover story Jul 1, 2014 2450
Dive behavior of eastern Chukchi beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas), 1998-2008. Citta, John J.; Suydam, Robert S.; Quakenbush, Lori T.; Frost, Kathryn J.; O'Corry-Crowe, Gregory M. Report Dec 1, 2013 13265
Underwater world. Hargreaves, Ben Jun 1, 2013 1204
Diving the Coral Sea: a trip underwater was all it took for Lucy Graham to see what is worth protecting. Graham, Lucy Brief article Apr 1, 2012 266
Underworld magic: the Middle East has much to offer above ground but, below ground, its world reveals some stunning destinations to explore, be it underwater or underground. Wells, Rhona Apr 1, 2012 1265
Aubade: Diving Bell. Fabrizio, Alex Poem Mar 22, 2012 235
Destination News Alert - Asia / Pacific. Jan 23, 2012 1887
Face to face with great white sharks. De Maddalena, Alessandro; Heim, Walter Travel narrative May 1, 2011 1635
Secrets of the world's extreme divers. Kwok, Roberta Feb 23, 2011 1812
Trouble diving on the Great Maya Reef. LaBrie, Laura Jun 1, 2010 1394
Divers of the Deep: with limited marine resources, the Ngobe-Bugle in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago of Panama face many challenges. Kuntz, Neilan M. Essay Mar 1, 2010 1806
The facts about breath-hold diving. Dec 22, 2009 501
Green dye sheds light on locomotion in the ocean: MIT/WHOI graduate student Kelly Rakow Sutherland emerges from a nighttime scuba dive off Panama where she videotaped the movements of transparent gelatinous marine life called salps. Sutherland, Kelly Rakow Dec 1, 2009 1718
Deep blue teeth. Kay, Sheryl Oct 1, 2008 467
Pilot whales--the 'cheetahs of the deep sea': researchers reveal first glimpse of whales' high-speed, deep-diving hunts for squid. Madin, Kate Sep 1, 2008 1619
Finding Florida's lost settlement: a six-member team is searching for evidence of a community of former African slaves and American Indians. Frazier, Herb Aug 9, 2007 1063
Diving champions. Nov 14, 2005 282
Dying for air: prolonged underwater breath holding is a silent, often overlooked, killer. Here's why the practice should be banned. Griffiths, Walter; Griffiths, Tom Feb 1, 2005 887
Whalebones show damage from diving. Harder, Ben Brief Article Jan 22, 2005 223
Sea change. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 187
Divers test Poseidon's resolve. (travel news). Kollias, Tania Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 130
A diver's greatest asset. Gest Jul 1, 2003 512
Divers note. Hardgraves Mar 1, 2003 422
Blue of the ocean. (Airman's World). Kaminsky, Richard Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 233
Feeding frenzy; cage diving with sharks--the ultimate thrill for aquatic adrenalin junkies--has brought tourist dollars to previously undeveloped locations. But some say such underwater exploits are responsible for the increase in unprovoked shark attacks. (Diving with sharks). Uglow, Dan Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2002 1543
Swimming with sharks. (Airman's World). Perry, Amy Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 402
Windjammer's "Dive Month". (Cruise News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 218
Lack of attention risked our lives. Ange, Mr. Mike Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 844
Red Sea Adventure. Rotman, Dana Oct 1, 2001 683
Student Swims with Sharks in Exhibit. BACON, LARRY Brief Article Dec 25, 2000 622
EXTREME DIVING. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 601
Hooked, line and sinker. Vallintine, Reg Aug 1, 1999 2192
Prisoners of Neptune: undersea adventure. Cheesewright, Antony Jun 1, 1998 1092
Diving deep: Jake's moment of truth at San Sebastian. Knodt, Ellen Andrews Sep 22, 1997 4321
The lore of a desert dive. Reinhard, Johan Jul 1, 1996 1829
A free vehicle explores deep-sea mixing. Schmitt, Raymond W.; Montgomery, Ellyn T.; Toole, John M. Mar 22, 1995 2933
Bridge diving inspection and the competitive bid system: problems and pitfalls. Ganas, Michael J.; Boswell, Stephen T. Dec 1, 1993 4175
Construction and operation of a two-place diver's sled. Workman, Ian K.; Watson, John W. Mar 22, 1991 2752
Exploring Fiji's underwater world. May 1, 1990 564

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