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Divide by 10.

I'm a relatively new, but active pilot (800 hours), who received his primary training four years ago and instrument training this year. Thus, the go-around and missed-approach techniques discussed in your November article "The Forgotten Maneuver" are still fresh to me. It provided an excellent review of this important topic, and I have only one quibble. The author, Tom Turner, identifies a host of "goals" to be achieved during "the first 60 seconds of a go-around," including executing a side-step maneuver and trimming for your aircraft's weight-specific [V.sub.x]. While all this is certainly important, the vital emphasis should be placed on the first six seconds of a go-around (or missed-approach), not the first 60.

Simply put, it is the vital PAR check that needs to be accomplished during these critical first six seconds: P=power (advance the throttle; mixture and prop should already be placed in the go-around position during final approach); A=attitude (adjust the airplane's attitude to begin climb; use attitude indicator to ensure positive climb angle); R=retract (retract approach flaps to reduce drag during climb, then retract landing gear, if applicable).

Each of these tasks can be accomplished in two seconds or less, which means that in six seconds a fixed-gear airplane can be fully configured for a successful go-around or missed-approach. Once this PAR check is accomplished, secondary priorities can be addressed, such as executing a sidestep and attaining [V.sub.x]. But if the PAR check is not accomplished right, and right away, the rest of the go-around is far more problematic and hazardous.

Thanks for your terrific magazine.

Michael Dubrow

Sedona, Ariz.

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Author:Dubrow, Michael
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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