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Diverse Range of Applications Bodes Well for Future of Petroleum Resin Market; Forecast to Total 2.6Mn Tons by 2017:

* Global shift towards the use of light feedstocks represents new opportunities for petroleum resins

* Chinese petroleum resin industry encouraged by fiscal stimulus initiatives

* Petroleum resin manufacturers cut production, instead of price, during recession

LONDON -- As the global economy emerges from recession and business and consumer confidence increases, the petroleum resins market is recovering, according to a new report available from It is anticipated that post-recession the market will see demand increase to 2.64 million tons by 2017, although this will be tempered by enhanced demand for biodegradable and plant based technologies.

Petroleum Resins: A Global Strategic Business Report

Due to their excellent adhesive and resistance properties, petroleum resins have found applications - and become the preferred option - in several industries e.g., coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, tyres and rubber compounds. The petroleum resins industry has recently entered new markets, having found applications in diverse fields such as slurry additives, oil field water treatments, and pitch modified agents.

The US and Europe hold the majority share of the petroleum resin market; although it was developing geographies such as China which showed stability and/or growth over the recessional period.

Environmental regulations and a propensity for governments to encourage selection of bio-plastics over petroleum resin products are likely to impact upon industry growth.

Included within the report are profiles of 55 notable companies active in the petroleum resins market, such as: ZEON Corporation, Arakawa Chemical Industries Ltd, Shanghai Jinsen Hydrocarbon Resins Co Ltd, Eastman Chemical Company, RouTGERS Group, Innova Chemical Co Ltd, Qingdao Bater Chemical Co Ltd, Lanzhou Huifeng Petrochemical Co Ltd, Puyang Zhongde Petroleum Resins Co Ltd, Nanjing Shuangning Resin Science and Technology Co Ltd, Puyang Tiancheng Chemical Co Ltd, Neville Chemical Company, , Nanjing Yangzi Eastman Chemical Ltd and Ningbo Yonghua Resin Co Ltd.

The petroleum resins research report contains 161 pages of insight on the marketplace, including historic and forecast data for the period 2003-2017. The industry is discussed in-depth, with analysis of key players and their strategic activities, trends, barriers/drivers, M&A, regulatory affairs and environmental influences, amongst others. Geographies studied include: Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East and the US.

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Comment:Diverse Range of Applications Bodes Well for Future of Petroleum Resin Market; Forecast to Total 2.6Mn Tons by 2017:
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Date:Aug 8, 2011
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