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Diversa Corp. Enzyme Approved by FDA for Use in Biodiesel Production Process.

ENERGY RESOURCE-30 October 2006-Diversa Corp. Enzyme Approved by FDA for Use in Biodiesel Production Process(C)2006 JeraOne -

Diversa Corporation today announced that its Purifine enzyme has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for non-food applications, including its use for increasing the efficiency of oilseed processing in the production of biodiesel fuel.

The pending FDA approval for edible oil applications of Purifine enzyme is required for a full commercial launch, as most vegetable oil processing plants producing biodiesel also produce edible oil.

Purifine enzyme is used shortly after crushing the oil seeds, before the oil is split into the two different streams. Diversa will manufacture Purifine enzyme under its agreement with Fermic S.A. de C.V.

"With this regulatory approval, we now look forward to dedicated biodiesel mills performing commercial scale trials to determine the extent to which Purifine enzyme can improve overall yield and reduce low-value byproducts," said Edward T. Shonsey, Diversa's chief executive officer. "Our next step is to obtain U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for edible oil applications, which we hope to receive by the second quarter of 2007."

Enzymes traditionally have not been used extensively in the vegetable oil refining process, according to Diversa, which says that its "innovative approach" reduces the need for harsh chemicals and provides "a novel method for removing oil phospholipids (degumming the oil) while improving the quality and yield without requiring major changes to conventional processing conditions."

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Publication:Energy Resource
Date:Oct 30, 2006
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