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Diuretics - a potential health hazard.

Of the estimated 60 million Americans with significantly high blood pressure choice for more than 25 percent of them has been diuretics--"water pills"--that by flushing sodium out of the circulatory system. For years, the National Heart, Institute has recommended diuretics as one of the four classes of drugs for the high blood pressure. Although the incidences of stroke, congestive heart failure have dramatically decreased as a result, the incidence of myocardial infarction not, and a recent study in Sweden tends to confirm the growing suspicion that th of diuretics may actually increase the risk of heart attack.

Researchers at Uppsala University have found that hydrochlorothiazide, a typ a form of mild diabetes resulting in higher blood levels of insulin and choleste group of 50 men with essential hypertension, the most common form of high blood Because insulin is believed to play a key role in the production of insulin by t insulin in the blood could account for the rise in cholesterol. Diabetes has bee in persons being treated for high blood pressure, but it has not been clear why heart attack does not decrease under this treatment. Now it appears that the ben diuretics might be offset by an increased risk of heart attack. Although the evi strong enough to preclude the use of diuretics altogether, the accumumlating evi other studies has led some prominent cardiologists to recommend that diuretics n initial treatment of persons with high blood pressure. (New England Journal of M 28, 1989; 321:13:868.)
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Title Annotation:research at Uppsala University
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Nov 1, 1989
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