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Ditch Witch rides in with new vibratory plow.

Building off its walk-along 410sx plow, The Charles Machine Works Inc. has developed the new Ditch Witch 420sx riding vibratory plow. Now giving operators a riding option for plowing and trenching, the 420sx comes equipped with 41 hp output, an operator seat and dual-speed attachment drive.

Developed as a result of requests from its customer base for a dedicated plow with an operator's seat, Ditch Witch produces the 420sx at its Perry, Okla., headquarters where production began in November. The new plow targets utility companies and contractors that install telecommunication, cable television, electrical and gas lines, along with landscapers that install lawn irrigation systems.

"The improvements in productivity and spoils handling make the 420sx a true production trencher," said Brent Bolay, Ditch Witch product manager for the 420sx. "We've improved the head-shaft design of the trencher attachment and added a bigger auger."

The 3852 lb. plow has capacity for cable lines up to 3 in. in diameter and can provide up to 24 in. in cover depth. It is powered by a 2.3 L three-cylinder Deutz F3L2011 diesel engine rated 41 hp at 2300 rpm. The engine has a bore and stroke of 94 mm x 112 mm and is equipped with an AKG radiator package. Fuel tank capacity on the machine is 11.1 gal.

Power to the ground is provided by an Eaton hydraulic pump that powers Dana Spicer model 44 differential axles through an adapter. The 24.7 gpm circuit provides a maximum forward travel speed of 3.82 mph (2.72 mph reverse) and has a 3750 psi operating pressure rating. Wheelbase is 46 in., which is complemented with a wall-to-wall turning diameter of 19.5 ft., said Ditch Witch.

A dual-speed attachment drive supplies the plow's auxiliary functions. The 3000 psi system is powered through a Cassapa hydraulic pump, which delivers 15.7 gpm in the low speed rating and 19.5 gpm in high. According to Ditch Witch, the dual-speed attachment drive is beneficial in providing response to changing ground conditions in all soil types during plowing or trenching.

The most significant enhancement to the 420sx plow is the operator console, which now has a seat and is designed to move with the operator as the frame of the machine articulates. This is intended to allow the ground drive and steering joystick and auxiliary controls to always remain in relation to the operator. The ROPS can be folded down to reduce the height of the machine by 20 in., which Ditch Witch said is ideal for operation under tree limbs, eaves and other low-hanging obstacles. "This feature makes the 420sx highly maneuverable in and around jobsites," said Bolay.

Dimensions of the 420sx plow are 142 in. long (no trencher) by 45 in. wide by 91 in. high. Weight is 3852 lb. Plow options for the 420sx model include a 3 in. pull-type plow blade or a 1 in. feed-type plow blade. Ditch Witch's H401 trencher is standard. Quick-disconnect attachment fittings also allow for optional trenching and drilling attachments to be used. Available options include a front reel carrier, RotoWitch, light kit or digging attachment with 36 in. depth and 8 in. trench width.

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Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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