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Districts required to release seclusion data.

Byline: The Register-Guard

School districts are now required to disclose how many students are secluded or physically restrained during the school year.

The data must include the demographic characteristics of students who were secluded or restrained, including their race, ethnicity, gender, disability status, migrant status, English proficiency and economic status. The report must also include whether students were secluded in a locked room, if any students or staff were injured during the incident and whether staff members who restrained or secluded the student were trained.

All students who were secluded or physically restrained in Springfield and Bethel were boys. Seventeen of Eugene's 19 students who were secluded and restrained were boys.

Eugene and Springfield redacted students' racial information to protect student confidentiality. All five students who were physically restrained in Bethel were white.

Of Springfield's 11 students who were either physically restrained or secluded, 10 qualified for free or reduced lunch. None of Bethel's five students who were restrained qualified for free lunch. Eugene did not have the data yet for how many students qualified for free or reduced lunch.

No students in Eugene and Bethel who were physically restrained or secluded received help with English. Two students in Springfield received English language services.

Three Springfield students placed in seclusion last year were not disabled. Five students in Eugene who were either secluded or restrained were not disabled. No nondisabled students in Bethel were secluded or restrained.

None of the three districts secluded students in locked rooms. No students or staff were injured during any incidents last year at any of the three districts.

-Josephine Woolington
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Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Sep 7, 2013
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