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District cooling: an ideal air conditioning solution for urban areas.

The CIAT Group, France's leading manufacturer of equipment for central air conditioning, heating by heat pumps, air handling and heat exchange will present its district cooling solutions at the Big 5 Show to be held in Dubai from 23 to 26 November. These solutions offer three key advantages: comfort, air quality and energy optimisation.

Synonymous of energy efficiency, district cooling solutions make huge savings and enable construction projects to be completed more quickly. They also have a minor impact on the environment, making them particularly suited for use in urban areas. With three key products, CIAT is the only manufacturer to offer a complete range of district cooling solutions:

* Optimised selection of cooling distribution components with the ITEX plate heat exchanger and its range of ALTO and DistrictCIAT fan coil units.* Optimisation of a complete system incorporating Cristopia thermal energy storage.

ITEXThanks to their excellent heat transfer coefficients and compact design, CIAT's range of ITEX plate heat exchangers transfer cooling capacity and ensure the performance of the whole system. CIAT has undergone many qualification tests and received the approval of Middle Eastern authorities to equip gigantic district cooling facilities in the United Arab Emirates with plate heat exchangers.

DistrictCIAT & ALTOFan coils are the indoor components of central air conditioning systems. The DistrictCIAT and ALTO units are specially designed for district cooling applications (operating with a temperature difference of 9 K). They deliver the required cooling capacity to ensure optimum comfort even at wide thermal amplitudes and do so with minimum pressure drops. Their large drain pans are perfectly suited to any climate and feature reinforced insulation.

CRISTOPIA STLCIAT offers CRISTOPIA latent thermal storage, an exclusive and flexible system for managing significant refrigeration energy needs. It stores heat in spheres inside an insulated tank during off-peak periods or when costs are low and then transfers the heat for use when demand is high. Thanks to latent thermal storage by CRISTOPIA, the size of installed equipment can be reduced by as much as 70% without affecting the available capacity, peaks in consumption are levelled out and energy costs are cut. As a result, facilities are more dependable, safer and last longer. Thermal energy storage is particularly suited to district air conditioning. 2009 Al Bawaba (

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Date:Nov 22, 2009
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