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District Court Demands More State Investment ? All Our Children Deserve an Excellent, Equitable Education.

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Texas educators and communities have long fought for educational equity. From the earliest major school finance cases, the pressing need for equity has been at the heart of school finance litigation. And the courts have affirmed through numerous cases that equity must be addressed. Recapture provisions in Texas? current school finance system are the hard-won results of this work. Recapture directly benefits at least 90 percent of Texas public school districts, and all of Texas benefits from investment in children, but the school finance system and fairness depend on state, as well as local, support. State funding, however, has dropped, not risen. Since 1984, the state has reduced its contribution from 52 percent to 38 percent. When the responsibility for public school funding is transferred from the state to local property taxes, school districts must either assume a greater share of funding or cut back their programs. Any changes made must preserve or expand the level of equity in the system. There must be assurance that Texas will not create an excellent system for some and a minimally adequate system for the rest. [This document originally appeared in the "IDRA Newsletter", however some accompanying charts and graphs may not be provided here.]

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Author:Montecel, Maria Robledo
Publication:ERIC: Reports
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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