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Articles from District Administration (February 1, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
"Drug'-driven decision making. Miners, Zach 657
"Having sex anyway". Tracy, Tom J.; Denney, Art Letter to the editor 121
A Dynamic LearnSpace. Royal, Ken Brief article 140
Abstinence-only funds ignite debate. Miners, Zach 116
Academy chooses evolution. Royal, Ken 169
Buying security: school security is a huge market, where staying informed is critical. Dyrli, Odvard Egil 415
Calendar of events. Calendar 441
California Saxon Math K-6 supplemental math kits: Saxon. Brief article 91
Cameras document evidence in Columbine-style plan. Pascopella, Angela 610
Criterion Online Writing Evaluation 7.2: ETS. Brief article 99
DataFRAME 2112 data network storage appliance: MPC computers. Brief article 104
Elluminate Live! Lite edition Web communication tools: Elluminate. Brief article 103
Exam Prep courses: Apex Learning. Brief article 95
EZClassSites district Web sites: EZClassSites. Website overview 110
FASTT math enterprise edition math fact fluency support: Tom Snyder Productions. 91
Fluent Reading Trainer reading improvement solution: Mindplay. Brief article 102
FLY Fusion Pentop Computer: Leapfrog Enterprises. Brief article 98
Hooray for the democrats and more accountability! NCLB is barely understood. Schank, Roger 740 math homework portal: Hotmath. Brief article 87
iLife 08: Peachpit Press. Patton, Carol Book review 112
iMovie 08 and iDVD 08 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide: Peachpit Press. Patton, Carol 90
Inform 4.2 K12 analysis and decision support tool: Pearson. 113
InstaGate internet use monitor: eSoft. 83
L.A. dropouts get a second chance. Miners, Zach 134
Landing the chief: superintendent headhunters match positions and candidates. Hann, Christopher 3701
Literacy in the Digital Age: Corwin Press. Patton, Carol 90
Mimio boards interactive whiteboard: Mimio. Brief article 99
Motivation and reading. McClure, Carla Thomas 898
Musical Mathematics math in songs with activities: Educational Dynamix. Brief article 112
MY Access! School Edition instructional writing program: Vantage Learning. Brief article 102
Narrow the academic language gap to reduce the achievement gap: you must teach academic vocabulary if you expect your students to use it. O'Donovan, Eamonn 813
Online filtering gets smarter. Pascopella, Angela 626
P100i card printer: Zebra Technologies. Brief article 108
Phonemic Awareness pre-K1 phonological understanding program: SRA/McGraw-Hill. 103
Photoshop Elements 6: The Missing Manual: Pogue Press/O'Reilly. Patton, Carol Brief article 90
PISA math and science results "disappointing". Miners, Zach Brief article 184
Playing with heart. Royal, Ken 182
Prodigy Tablet portable interactive writing and presentation device: Qomo. Brief article 106
Proofwriter, online writing tool: ETS. Brief article 97
Purchasing security products and services: fourth of a series: 40 percent of K12 districts planned to purchase security systems and equipment prior to security breaches such as at Virginia Tech. Dyrli, Odvard Egil 1314
Putting family life to the test. Butler, Kevin 211
Read-Aloud Libraries supplemental language arts program: SRA/McGraw-Hill. 108
Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3: Peachpit Press. Patton, Carol Book review 90
Ruling threatens virtual schools. Miners, Zach 136
Saturn's rings rewriting science. Royal, Ken Brief article 124
Self-injury: how to understand and help students who engage in this behavior. Poland, Scott Medical condition overview 709
SMART Learning Marketplace digital resources: Smart Technologies. 100
SOLO Writing Coach Literacy Suite solution: Don Johnston. 93
Special ed center rolling out. Miners, Zach 90
Spector 360 Internet use monitor: Spectorsoft. 112
State of the superintendency: stress and satisfaction in a changing profession. Pascopella, Angela 2416
States try out remodeled NCLB assessments. Scarpa, Steven Brief article 225
Streamlining the online experience. Miners, Zach 154
Sustainability of online schooling at risk. Miners, Zach 239
Teach the kids you have: there is no substitute for getting to know every student. Stager, Gary 897
Teacher--created courses. Miners, Zach 91
Teachers against school board. Miners, Zach 108
Teaching in the Digital Age: Corwin Press. Patton, Carol 96
Tenure revoked! Protecting teachers' jobs comes at students' expense. Kinnaman, Daniel E. 775
The "other" advanced program: International Baccalaureate offers a cross-cultural alternative to Advanced Placement. Schachter, Ron 2497
The new face of vocational school. Dyrli, Kurt O. 760
TI-Nspire graphing calculator: Texas Instruments. 109
Using Microsoft Office to Enhance Student Learning: Cambridge College School of Education. Patton, Carol 98
Virginia Beach City (Va.) public schools: Dyrli, Kurt O. 646
VMware Fusion simultaneous Mac/Windows software solution: VMWare. 107
Voice 5.2 Web communications: Wimba. 80

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