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Articles from District Administration (October 1, 2006)

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Title Author Type Words
ACT scores. Dianis, Laura Statistical table 885
Advanced Learning Press: Ready for Anything: Supporting New Teachers for Success. Patton, Carol Book review 95
Algebra's at-risk solution: districts deploy software to enhance and accelerate algebra instruction. Fratt, Lisa 1945
Board approves controversial sex-ed. Dyrli, Odvard Egil Brief article 221
Books by you: Knowledge Adventure. Patton, Carol 103
Bullying. Brief article 86
C770 series: Lexmark International, Inc. Patton, Carol 103
Calendar of events. Calendar 142
Captivate 2: Adobe. Patton, Carol 85
Charter vs. traditional schools: snapshot sheds little light. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 266
Commercial ID product suite: Polaroid. Patton, Carol 148
Corefx: Core Learning. Patton, Carol 84
CorelDRAW graphics suite X3: Corel Corp. Patton, Carol 118
Corwin Press: Implementing NCLB: Creating a Knowledge Framework to Support School Improvement. Patton, Carol Book review 93
Curriculum eases transition for Spanish-speaking students. Dyrli, Odvard Egil Brief article 141
Destination success: Riverdeep. Patton, Carol 98
Determining learning disabilities. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 230
Disaster recovery: students in a Gulf Coast community service program get a chance to make a difference after last year's hurricanes. Millard, Elizabeth 1036
Districts join push to improve tutoring. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 164
Diving deep. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 322
Extreme makeover. Dyrli, Odvard Egil 440
Flag display leads to suspension. Dyrli, Odvard Egil Brief article 207
Getting serious with the world. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 263
Harvard Education Press: Educational Entrepreneurship: Realities, Challenges, Possibilities. Patton, Carol Book review 88
Helping states create better content assessment. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 184
How to stay out of court: balancing school safety with individual rights. O'Donovan, Eamonn 974
ii3 IP speaker series: Digital Acoustics. Patton, Carol 91
Inspire data: Inspiration Software, Inc. Patton, Carol 103
Is the exit exam movement losing steam? Butler, Kevin 383
Iuniverse: Fearless Public Speaking. Patton, Carol Book review 120
Just read. McClure, Ann Brief article 148
K-12 starter edition: Blackboard, Inc. Patton, Carol 114
Local university rescues Baltimore school. Butler, Kevin 353
Microsoft student with Encarta premium 2007: Microsoft Corp. Patton, Carol 113
MPR-SEQ: Middle Atlantic Products. Patton, Carol 108
Nutritious outsourcing. McClure, Ann 713
Odyssey reading comprehension and vocabulary 3-8: Compass Learning. Patton, Carol 84
One place: Discovery Education. Patton, Carol 93
Online fundraising: districts are turning to the Internet for creative fundraising. Dyrli, Odvard Egil 585
Out is in: more districts are hiring outside firms for everything from after-school tutoring to writing curricula. Vogel, Carl 2149
Partners for life. Ullman, Ellen Organization overview 537
Portege M400: Toshiba. Patton, Carol 101
QiWave: QI systems. Patton, Carol 85
R & L Education: Preparing School Leaders: Defining a Research and Action Agenda. Patton, Carol Book review 95
ReflexAuto 3 and ReflexAuto8: Disc Makers. Patton, Carol 131
Reinventing the square wheel: is your district choking the potential out of exciting new technologies? Stager, Gary 1015
Report: students challenged by math and science. Dianis, Laura Brief article 179
Running and playing vital for children. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 119
Rural quality: small districts are focusing on recruitment strategies and distance education to employ highly qualified teachers. McClure, Ann 2665
Sharepoint Learning Kit/Sharepoint Community Kit: Microsoft Corp. Patton, Carol 103
Starboard FX-63 and FX-77: Hitachi. Patton, Carol 92
States gain ground with quality teachers--or do they? Highly qualified teachers nine states--Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina and South Dakota--had plans that were accepted by the peers. Pascopella, Angela 339
Straight curve mathematics series 2: PLATO Learning. Patton, Carol 91
Striking in Detroit. Brief article 101
Struggling readers: skilled readers emerge where reading in the content areas is taught and practiced. Silverman, Fran 950
Survey: internet ills fester. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 121
Teachers College Press: Balanced Leadership: How Effective Principals Manage Their Work. Patton, Carol Book review 102
Tech trends: here are five creative uses of technology that should be implemented in your district. Renwick, Lucille 2325
The arts in education. 733
The Chicago team: distributed leadership, nontraditional partnerships and innovative alternatives are transforming the Chicago Public Schools. Schachter, Ron 3076
The perfect equation. Esposito, Jennifer Chase Biography 475
Title I funding. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 105
Tower and 2U rack servers: Gateway. Patton, Carol 145
Upcoming documentary unveils urban urgency. Pascopella, Angela 324
Versatility notebooks: SenecaData. Patton, Carol 98
XL H1 HD camcorder: Canon. Patton, Carol 85

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