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Articles from District Administration (June 1, 2006)

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1:1 computing at the elementary level in Texas: handheld program for reading and math includes 3,200 third- through fifth-grade students in Amarillo. Solomon, J.D. 531
3 outlooks. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 123
3D-Readers: The NeuronFarm. Patton, Carol Brief article 84
8th grade algebra: finding a formula for success: if your district is considering this trend, here's some advice on mathematics' good news/bad news situation. Fratt, Lisa 1319
Achievement gains offset by stress and reducing course time. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 258
An Automation Primer for School Library Media Centers: Linworth Books. Patton, Carol Book review 84
BARRicade Visitor Management System: Barr Security. Patton, Carol 150
Basic Game Design and Creation for Fun & Learning: Charles River Media. Patton, Carol 90
Big brother gets bolder: security software on laptops goes off school grounds and into students' and teachers' homes. Pascopella, Angela 2725
Biology ProScope Kit: Vernier:. Patton, Carol Brief article 206
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms: Corwin Press. Patton, Carol Brief article 86
Boys get worse grades. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 195
Bring marine life indoors. Ullman, Ellen Brief article 175
Building a strong community partnership: when it comes to creating effectives school-family-community partnerships, take some advice from veteran districts. Vogel, Carl 1654
Bus drivers on alert. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 143
Community is in the eye of the beholder. Esposito, Jennifer Chase Biography 542
Conquering cyberphobia, one staffer at a time: continuous learning and ongoing technical support have proven to be the cure for techno-phobes. Patton, Carol 1871
Copy Master II: Octave Systems. Patton, Carol 112
Creating superior teachers. Pascopella, Angela 321
Destiny Asset Manager: Follett Software Company. Patton, Carol Brief article 100
Digital divide closes with more Internet? Pascopella, Angela Brief article 89
Do-it-yourself online video: services such as PutFile and YouTube bring benefits and dangers to schools. Dyrli, Odvard Egil 620
Flashcard decks: StudyCell. Patton, Carol 104
Grading tests. Sturgeon, Julie 584
Graduation woes: high school rates may be rising, but not fast enough. Pascopella, Angela 1127
Growth models vary. Pascopella, Angela 191
High schools good ... and bad: when it comes to helping students graduate and succeed, there are no easy answers. D'Orio, Wayne Editorial 622
India's trip creates push for collaboration. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 174
It's the principal of the thing: administrators in North Kansas City Schools find Treo solutions to every need. Crane, Elizabeth Cover story 2471
Join the A/V club: presentation equipment is a "must have" for districts. Used right, it's a boon; but without smart implementation, you may have just bought a $100,000 dust collector. Vogel, Carl 1946
Keyboard adapter & PrintEZ. 105
Laptops in adolescence: growing pains and disappointing the elders. Stager, Gary Editorial 1093
Leader/pioneer/secret shopper: Montgomery County's Assistant Superintendent John Q. Porter is all of these things--and more. Learn how he's spearheading the creation of a state-of-the-art data management system and the importance of that mysterious middle initial. Esposito, Jennifer Chase Interview 2954
Learn Big IN24: InFocus. Patton, Carol Brief article 99
Loopholes create big concerns. Silverman, Fran 369
Making the grade in New York. Dessoff, Alan Brief article 299
Math class difficulty increases exponentially in Virginia. Ullman, Ellen 345
MathAmigo Your Helping Hand. 98
N.J. School District has an eye on security. Butler, Kevin 526
New high school touts math/science/tech. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 142
Palm handhelds touch students with autism: a Texas district uses handhelds to motivate students with Asperger's syndrome. Butler, Kevin 913
Palm rings up Treo 700p smartphone: blending broadbandlike speeds with world-class Palm OS usability. 677
Pennovate notes. 107
Planning for Technology: Corwin Press. Patton, Carol Book review 80
Preparing for a Pandemic. Butler, Kevin 367
Principalm. 93
PrintBoy. 91
Profile 6: Gateway. Patton, Carol Brief article 108
Reading, writing, and podcasting: elementary schools create engaging language arts activities with Palm handhelds. Palmer, Gina Adams 1358
Rethinking advanced placement. 728
Robotics: the 4th R? Ullman, Ellen 254
Self-serve report cards. Sturgeon, Julie 706
Spreading success using palm handhelds at Florida PreK-5: when these fourth graders use handheld technology, they're all equal and accomplished. Palmer, Gina Adams 1635
Teacher-directed electronic learning. 93
Technology on a Shoestring: A Survival Guide for Educators and Other Professionals: Teachers College Press. Patton, Carol Book review 80
The education buyer's guide to audio-visual systems & solutions 2006. Buyers guide 3216
The hidden downside of wireless networking: Wi-Fi can cause big trouble--and you may not even know it. Here's how to keep the hackers at bay. Tweney, Dylan 2297
TT-02: Elmo. Patton, Carol Brief article 87
unitedstreaming updates: Discovery Education. Patton, Carol 113
Urban school climate. Dianis, Laura Survey 337
Using iPods to improve learning. Ullman, Ellen Interview 196
What if schools were customized? Pascopella, Angela Brief article 182
Wisconsin joins Connecticut. Pascopella, Angela Brief article 143

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