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District 1.

December 5, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Sheraton Hotel--Mr. G's Restaurant

Present: Marcia Bosek, Ann Laramee, Martha Jo Hebert, Terri Powers-Phaneuf, Marilyn Rinker, Judy Cohen, Fran Keeler, Leah Mattson, Annie Parker, Hollie Shaner McRae, Brenda Mahoney, Angela Pratt.

I. Topic: Future of District I--how to energize and re-ignite participation

Discussion Points: Need to revisit our mission, vision, bylaws, officers, refine our purpose. Need to increase membership and participation. Reasons for doing this include: Strengthen the voice of nursing (though VSNA), including our influence on legislation and health policy, provide educational initiatives for members to strengthen their knowledge base and professional development.

CE programs--VSNA offers Contact Hours for programs, which has been a source of revenue for the organization. VSNA has earned a regional reputation as being a user friendly source for issuing Contact Hours, for programs.

Action Plan: Next meeting January 23 2008--Mr. G's Restaurant--Burlington, Dinner at 6pm, Agenda: 1. Officers--what do we have, what do we need 2. by laws bring copies for group to review (send out electronically ahead of time to attendees at the meeting). How many meetings is Dist. I supposed to have? 3. Mission/Vision--send out ahead of time electronically to attendees and bring copies to the meeting for review/updating. 4. Legislative Day Plans- review date, time, etc. 5. Bring map to show where districts I, II, III reside boundarywise.

II Topic: Co-Sponsorship of UVM program Friday June 6, 2008--Christopher Johns--Reflective Practice.

Discussion: Consider having UVM, FAHC, and VSNA co-sponsor this event. All present agreed it would be a collaborative endeavor and suggested pursuing this opportunity.

Action Plan: Judy Cohen to get further details on event; Hollie willing to bring this to FAHC as a co-sponsorship opportunity; Marilyn to check with VSNA board, other.

III. Topic: Improving statewide communications among VSNA members

Discussion: Annie Parker suggested we explore more statewide involvement to improve communications among VSNA members. Sharon Lee Trefry suggested VSNA approach AHEC to see if they'd help coordinate using technology to facilitate our statewide programs. (AHEC does this for state school nurses assn.)

Action Plan: undefined; consider asking Sharon Lee to follow up with AhEC to explore options. Ask Annie to consider programs she had in mind for sharing statewide.

Topic: Suggestion of a community service project by members of District One. There had been a project with a local soup kitchen in the past.

IV. Topic; Announcements

March 17th 2008--Save the date for an All Day Safe Handling & Patient Falls conference--Capital Plaza, Montpelier VT

April 2, 2008 Legislative Day--Montpelier Vermont

Request that VSNA send out a SAVE the DATE now to members for planning. Some attendees at meeting discussed carpooling to event.

VSNA is recruiting members to serve on the following committees:

* Programming Committee--plan programs

* Membership Committee

Please contact June Benoit, VSNA President if you are interested.

Meeting minutes prepared by Hollie Shaner McRae RN, MSA, FAAN
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Title Annotation:District News
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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