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District & committee annual summary.


The Colorado Nurses for Access to Health Care for All (CNAHCA) Task Force was established in 2003 based on a directive from the CNA House of Delegates. The purpose of CNAHCA was to provide leadership within CNA to promote the development of a health care delivery system in Colorado and/or the United States that would provide access to health care for all citizens. In 2005 the CNA House of delegates voted to endorse a single payer universal health care system. A single payer system would use public funds to provide a basic health care to all citizens in a single risk pool.

Two of our committee members, Sara Jarrett and Susan Foster, have been active with ANA at a national level. Our goals have been, and continue to be, that every citizen will have access to affordable quality health care ... that this is a human right in an advanced, industrialized society such as ours. We also believe that any health care reform bill should control costs and allow people to continue with their own preferred medical plan and primary care provider. To this end we followed the lead of ANA in supporting reform with a public insurance option with the expectation that this would increase competition and help drive down costs.

We have participated in numerous educational programs both on our own and in conjunction with other community groups. We are sensitive to the fact that changes of this magnitude are difficult and that there are fears of currently insured individuals.

So what is to be done? What is the best way to deal with the sky rocketing costs of health care in the United States which still leaves us ranked at #37 for wellness, #47 for life expectancy, and #9 for cancer deaths per 100,000? (Nationmaster. com) By the time you read this many decisions about our health care future will have already been made. Whatever those decisions are, we on the CNAHCA Committee are going to expand our perspective. We have been in touch with nursing innovators in several parts of the country looking for demonstration projects that are nurse/patient focused. Some programs focus on community wellness, others on management of patients with chronic illness or preventing hospital readmissions. Our firm belief is that any efforts at reigning in costs while maintaining levels of excellence includes expanded roles for nurses at every level of education. That is not to say that we will not also be striving to keep a "seat at the table" as policy matters are discussed. These are challenging times and we invite your participation.

Respectfully, Carol Farina, Co-chair.

DNA 2--is an electronic group of members. No meetings were held this past year. Communications and requests from CNA and ANAare distributed to those members who have provided their email address for those communications.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Brown, President


This past year, DNA 5 has chosen to meet less frequently and focus our time and efforts on a couple of key initiatives. Our efforts have centered around supporting the Nightingale event in our area, fund-raising for nursing scholarships, and recruitment of new members. District 5 members were an integral part of the Western Slope Nightingale planning committee and were pleased to host a successful silent auction during the spring event. Our scholarship fund-raising efforts have allowed us to give five nursing scholarships each year, one to each of the following categories: *LPN, *LPN to RN, *BSN, *RN to BSN, *Graduate degree

New member recruitment has focused on reaching out to new graduates through a letter sent to each graduate welcoming them into the profession and encouraging them to join CNA. This summer, we recruited over 10 new members at Community Hospital during a "professional association recruitment fair." This hospital offered a gift card and chance to win a weekend in Ouray to each nurse who signed up for a professional association on one day. Over 30 nurses joined various associations--and we are excited to have some new energy and members in District 5. We are also exploring the use of Facebook as a way to stay connected with our members and nurses throughout the region.

Respectfully submitted, Kristy Reuss, President


DNA 6 members have had another great year! A local nurse recently told me that it was a great feeling to know that there is a group of dedicated nurses in the San Luis Valley helping meet the needs of the local and greater nursing community. Our members have shown their commitment to nursing not only through the work they do through DNA 6, but also as exemplified by their leadership skills in their day to day lives as professional nurses. First, we would like to also recognize the hard work that fellow nurses across the state have done, specifically those who participated in the Nurse Practice Act Sunset Taskforce.

This summer, DNA 6 members donated, collected, boxed, and mailed comfort items in the form of care packages to the son of a local nurse who is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. His Med Corp troop of 10 has experienced hard times and we felt the need to show them all our support and appreciation for their service. DNA 6 invited the employees of San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center to join us in our efforts. Due to everyone's generosity, we were able to send a total of 14 packages valuing close to a total of $700 worth in merchandise. A very small price to pay for the struggles they endure for all of us. This project was a huge success so we plan on doing this again.

As the Director of the Alamosa County Nursing Service, one of our members, Julie Geiser is actively involved in H1NI preparation planning. The DNA 6 members are on standby to help as necessary.

We'd like to recognize one of our life-long members, Mabel Cotton, who has been a constant inspiration and mentor to all of us during her tenure with DNA 6. Her loyalty to our team is absolutely remarkable.

Finally, we must not forget to remember our dear friend and colleague, Ann Edstrom-Watters, who passed away on April 15, 2009. She was a kind, giving individual who touched the hearts of many. She was a lifelong member of ANA/CNA and past president of DNA 6 who contributed a tremendous amount to our nursing community. We miss her dearly.

Respectfully Submitted, Amanda Jojola FNP, MSN


This year we were challenged to support CNA and its work on the Sunset Review process of the Nurse Practice Act. We worked hard to recruit new members, set up a phone/email tree to notify each other of the upcoming issues as they arose. The members made calls to politicians in all parts of the state, sought donations for the legal fund and spoke to entities such as AARP, who then came to support us.

We were honored to be the home of Karen Zink, CNP who traveled often to Denver as a representative of CNA to participate in the dialogue between physicians and nurses with the goal of reaching an agreement on how the next Nurse Practice Act would be written. Her generosity of time, energy and funds were an inspiration. We met often to hear her updates, traveled with her to the meetings, and followed her strategies. We rallied our patients, our friends and family to flood the internet and the phone lines with reasons for politicians to support nursing, its' autonomy and its' needed contribution to the supply of health care, especially in our rural communities

Respectfully submitted, Lynne Murison


DNA 9 members have been busy with many professional endeavors. Carol Gilbert joined a team of thirty for a three day clinic in Iquistos, Peru, offering medical, dental, and optical services through the Medical Mission Network of Timberline Church. In July, Jane Koeckeritz and Nancy White joined a group of nurse educators who traveled to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam to assist a group of eight graduate students who are completing their Master's degrees. The students are the first nurses to actually receive Master's level education in the country of Vietnam. The program was developed by long time CNA members Faye Hummel and Sara Jarrett in partnership with Kathy Whitney through Friendship Bridge. Also in July, Audrey J. Bopp and Alison S. Merrill presented at the Twentieth Annual Nurse Educators Conference in the Rockies in Breckenridge. The topic of their presentation was " A Potpourri of Pedagogy: Designing Interactive Classroom Sessions." Participants learned how to design and incorporate different interactive teaching strategies into class sessions.

Vicki Carroll and Sharyn Salmen helped with this year's Fort Collins Cemetery Stroll, featuring seven early nurses in northern Colorado. The theme of the September living history presentation is: "Caps, Pins, and Caring." Jane Koeckeritz portrayed Nettie Billington, the first DNA 9 treasurer. Attendees heard the stories of Ida Patterson Faifield, Emma Powers, George Spaulding, Ethel Currie, Helen Greenamyre, and Jane Michie. Our members continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

Respectfully submitted, Megan Reinke, President

DNA 16

DNA-16 sustains a large diverse membership of nurses who represent many professional nursing careers covering the Greater Denver Metro Area. We continue to notify our members of upcoming events as well as monthly meetings via a newsletter.

We held our annual Legislative Connection Dinner in February, which we have continued to co-sponsor with DNA-20 at the Scottish Rites Events Center. This was held in the evening to include supper and time for nurses, students, and legislators to get together to dialogue about health and health care issues that are a concern to all of us. It was a great success!

We continue to sponsor CNE programs during the year. This year we held one at Swedish Hospital organized by Carol Brautigam. The topic was presented by The Peer Assistance Services, with the purpose of the talk to articulate the role of the nurse in implementing the SBIRT program to assist nursing and non nurses who suffer from some type of addiction.

We continue to have a number of members who remain active not only at the DNA level but also at the State level. Mary Lambert and Mary Kershner are currently members of the Membership & Marketing Committee. Sara Jarrett continues to be a voice with ANA-PAC as well as with GAPP and Health Care Access for All--along with Chris Schmidt and Judy Burke. Chris who works with Jefferson County Public Health Nurses helps to coordinate our Legislative dinner in conjunction with the PH Nurses annual meeting here in Denver and to bring them to the fold as affiliate nurses to CNA.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Lambert DNA 16 President

DNA 20

At our September meeting, we heard from Vista Exline, Director of Victim Outreach Information, who updated us on the nurse's role in response to victims of crime, including domestic violence. In November, members heard about the benefits of medical massage for patients recovering from surgical interventions. In addition to preparing for and attending the convention and attending monthly meetings, members volunteered or worked to immunize the community against H1N1 flu.

DNA 20 members continue to be busy presenting at conferences and serving on workgroups. Rita Beam received the STAR Award at the CityMatch Conference in New Orleans in August for her oral presentation, "Reinventing MCH: Taking a Leadership Role in Your Local Health Department." The award recognized her project for its ease to replicate in the community. Susan Moyer, along with co-presenter Melissa Broudy, gave a poster presentation titled "Taking a Bit Out of Dental Caries: Integrating Cavity Prevention with WIC Nutrition Services" at the Colorado Public Health Conference held in September at Copper Mountain. Norma Tubman was selected to serve on the National Association of City and County Health Officials, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Workgroup and attended a meeting of the Workgroup in Chicago in October.

Kiska May, Vice President of DNA 20, and Norma Tubman were invited to participate in the Colorado Nurses Foundation Think Tank Summit in August in Denver. The purpose of the summit was to get direction from invitees regarding its future role to support nursing.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Pederson, President

DNA 23

District 23 continues to remain active and involved with so many nursing and medical issues. Our VP traveler, Cathy O'Grady, has been to many other countries as a volunteer Nurse and even a dental assistant. She describes the conditions, needs, nursing concerns and differences between the United States and other countries. We are very grateful for these interesting and informative insights.

Lavena Thompson, Treasurer, deserves our praise and appreciation for her exemplary involvement, contributions and attendance over the many years. She has not missed a District meeting in years despite severe health problems. She does Treasurer duties efficiently. She also belongs to other nursing organizations as a valued contributor, volunteers, has been involved in the flu shot programs for years and drives many miles to meetings. She's never missed a convention! There aren't enough words of thanks! THANKS!

Lois Brightenburg, Jeanne Kearns, Jacquie Bratt-Armstrong and Darlene Gaskin are recognized for their meeting attendance and support. We're grateful for their help. Each member is valuable.

Students who came to meetings were provided helpful information on current nursing school trends. We hope we have given them some insight into the value of belonging to CNA. Communication via computer/email has been much discussed, especially for those who choose not to have one, or are unable. Our goals for the coming year include increasing attendance, and contributions in the way of education, support and problem-solving for nurses. We will continue to watch and vote, or call about legislation.

We wish to thank all those at CNA who have worked so very hard for legislation. Our appreciation is great for everyone who makes Convention possible.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Pedersen

DNA 30

DNA 30 has had a very busy and productive legislative year again. Our membership along with CNA has successfully communicated with the Colorado Legislature and Governor. We continue to be well received as professionals with an inherent wish for the best in health care for the citizens of Colorado. DNA 30 has much to celebrate with Governor Ritter signing the Nurse Practice Act on June second 2009. Now we must build on the coalitions we made within the nursing community to monitor the promulgation of the rules and regulations for the revised Nurse Practice Act (NPA). This will include monitoring the Board of Nursing and Board of Medical Examiners and providing expert testimony to the Boards as they manage the tasks of implementation of the NPA. CNA and DNA 30 will also be actively involved with the Nurse-Physician Advisory Task Force for Colorado Health Care (NPATCH).

Communication is the primary focus of the board of DNA 30 in the upcoming year. With that in mind we have initiated a change in the website for the district and hope to have improved technology to continue to provide information to our members. At the same time, we hope to use the same technology to receive information from our members as we manage the process of implementation of the new NPA. We must remain vigilant in our efforts to see that Advanced Practice Nurses are able to provide independent, safe and high quality care to the people of Colorado. We will also continue to be "at the table" with the discussions and plans for health care reform. DNA 30 is also in the beginning stages of a public relations campaign to continually bring APNs into the forefront of the health care reform debate. Please go to the CNA website at www. and look under Districts for a link to the Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses (DNA 30) website.

Respectfully submitted Margaret Catchpole RN, CPNP

DNA 31

DNA 31 has had a year of accomplishment, celebration. Our committees, task forces and members have been busy. A highlight of the year was the creation of our new brochures. We provided our annual educational programs for our membership and networked in the community both with psychiatric nursing graduate programs and with Mental Health America.

Our Education Committee planned our winter and spring events--with the winter educational dinner held February 19th at Strings. We had a good turnout for a stimulating lecture on Bipolar Disorder by Dr. Mathew Burke. We are grateful to Pfizer for sponsoring the event; and also Riley Suit, with Suitable Photography, for providing the program. The spring event was held on May 15, 2009. We had a good turnout of members who attended from significant distances: Glenwood Springs, Canon City, Boulder, Rye, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Steamboat Springs. Diane Dean presented our Clinician of the Year award to Linda Willits and Mary Ciambelli was honored for her work on the Sunset of the Nurse Practice Act.

We offered congratulations to a new member, Mary Weber, on the announcement in the Denver Post Business section on 12/3/08 regarding her endowed professorship at the CU College of Nursing Psych-Mental Health Masters Program. She has been a welcome addition to our district.

Throughout the legislative season, with Sue Orahood chairing the Legislative Committee, many of our members participated in the political process. We had members who attended the Mental Health America--Colorado Legislative Education Day, the CNA Annual Legislative Seminar and the Annual Legislative Connection dinner. Mary Ciambelli participated in extensive mediated workgroup meetings involving representatives from CNA, CMS and DORA. The group was able to come to significant agreement on wording in the Nurse Practice Act. Mary, Fran Ricker and Eve Hoygaard attended a District 31 member meeting on March 12th to present the final document which was created by the workgroup. Mary Ciambelli, Mary Weber and Sue Orahood testified in the House Health and Human Services Committee hearings in opposition to SB-007: "Concerning Involuntary Alcohol and Substance Abuse Commitment." Linda Pearson, who authors the annual "Pearson Report" which reviews state by state legislation on advanced practice, testified in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on the Nurse Practice Act. Mary, Sue and Laura Mehringer kept our members informed about the progress of SB- 007 and the SB-239 (Nurse Practice Act) in the legislature. Many of our members contacted their Senators and Representatives about both SB-007 and SB-239 (the Practice Act). Member support was noticed by legislators. We were pleased that SB-007 was postponed indefinitely. We also acknowledged Diane Dean and Mary Ciambelli for their work on the CNA Sunset Review Committee and Patricia Lawrence--as well as Laura Mehringer and Sue Orahood for participating in GAPP Committee meetings.

Our Public Relations Committee and Membership Committees have also kept busy. Kathy Taylor chaired the Membership Committee which contacted members to remind them to renew. She also coordinated with Cameron-k Garrett and Treasurer Laura Mehringer to update our online directory and create a printed version for our members.

Maureen Doran, who has been active in our district leading task forces the past few years, is now in Africa. She and her husband, Kip, are serving in the Peace Corps. She is working at a secondary school in Ramotswa, Botswana. You can follow their adventures by looking at Kip's blog:

We are fortunate in District 31 to have such an amazing group of members. Members have contributed, as they are able, in whatever way they can. Including our board, committee members, delegates to convention, and task forces, over half our membership had active roles in the organization this year. This year's accomplishments are because of this phenomenal group of people.

Linda Willits, President District 31
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