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Distribution records of Southern Indiana vascular plants II.

ABSTRACT. Ongoing collecting and review of existing collections has resulted in additions to the collection in the Indiana University Southeast Herbarium. New and old collections yielded about 160 new vascular plant county records for Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, and Jefferson counties in southern Indiana. The Indiana vascular species that are listed as state extirpated, endangered, threatened, or rare are noted. Other species that may become listed, or are otherwise noteworthy, are briefly discussed.

Keywords: Vascular plants, Indiana, distribution records


The Indiana University Southeast Herbarium serves as an educational and community resource, as well as a research exchange facility. The herbarium contains vascular plant collections primarily from Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, and Jefferson counties, with occasional collections from Perry, Scott, and Washington counties. This area of southern Indiana includes the lowermost parts of the following regions: the Mitchell Karst Plain and Knobstone Escarpment sections of the Highland Rim Natural Region and the Shawnee Hills Natural Region (Homoya et al. 1985).

Ongoing collecting and review of existing collections in the herbarium have yielded about 160 new vascular plant county records since the publication of our last distribution list (Maxwell & Thomas 2003). Possible state records and noteworthy collections are listed alphabetically by their scientific names and briefly discussed, followed by state extirpated, endangered, threatened, rare, and watch list species. Table 1 includes distribution records, with their collection vouchers, mainly for Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, and Jefferson counties. Nomenclature conforms primarily to the Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers (Yatskievych 2000), with authors of plant names, following Brummitt & Powell (1992). Some nomenclature, primarily for ferns, grasses, and common names, is from Mohlenbrock (1986), Gleason & Cronquist (1991), or Yatskievych (2000).

Determination of species status follows the Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center's Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Vascular Plants list, from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Nature Preserves (10 April 1996). Former and present collectors include Indiana University Southeast students, the authors, and several volunteers.


Sites of listed species are reported to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Nature Preserves. Vouchers are currently held at the Indiana University Southeast Herbarium. Some collections are sent to Michael A. Homoya, a botanist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Specimens are sent to Dr. George and Kay Yatskievych at the Missouri Botanical Garden as well. Methods and criteria for listing Indiana's extirpated, endangered, threatened, and rare vascular plant species have been discussed by Aldrich et al. (1986).


Achyranthes japonica (Miq.) Nakai (Amaranthaceae). Japanese chaff flower. This invasive plant was first reported for Indiana by Maxwell & Thomas (2003). With the collections W.E. Thomas 1084 and W.E. Thomas 1745, Harrison and Jefferson counties are added to the list of Indiana counties known to harbor this weed. Thomas has subsequently collected the species from Jefferson, Carroll, and Meade counties in Kentucky. This plant appears to be spreading along the Ohio River floodplain.

Ceratophyllum echinatum A. Gray (Certophyllaceae). Coontail. Found in a small pond just west of Wyandotte Lake in Crawford County, this species is under consideration for state endangered/threatened/rare status by the Department of Natural Resources (Homoya pers. commun.).

Cuscuta indecora Choisy (Cuscutaceae). Collared dodder. Found in a low floodplain woods along the Ohio River in New Albany, Floyd County, this native species is just entering our area. We consider W.E. Thomas 1115, the state record voucher.

Egeria densa Planch. (Hydrocharitaceae). Brazilian water-weed. A likely aquarium escapee, the first report of this species for the state was a site in Crawford County (Maxwell & Thomas 2003). A second population was found in Floyd County in the large lake at the Mount Saint Francis Retreat Center.

Euphorbia prostrata Aiton (Euphorbiaceae). Prostrate spurge. A small cluster of this tiny spurge was found in the cracks of a concrete boat ramp at the Old Dam 44 in Harrison County on the Ohio River. Gleason (Gleason & Cronquist 1991) calls this species "rarely adventive (from southern U.S.) and probably not persistent in our range." We consider W.E. Thomas 566, the state record voucher.

Lunaria rediviva L. (Brassicaceae). Honesty. A small population of this ornamental species was found growing on a high ridge in Clark State Forest. We consider W.E. Thomas 1295, the state record voucher. The origin of these plants is unknown.

Torilis arvensis (Hudson) Link (Apiaceae). Hedge-parsley. The collection R.H. Maxwell 1815 from Clark County was originally reported as T. japonica (Houtt.) DC by R.H. Maxwell (1981). The specimen has since been determined to be T. arvensis (Hudson) Link. As far as we know T. japonica has not been found in Clark County.


Chamaesyce serpens (Kunth) Small (Euphorbiaceae). Matted broomspurge. A small colony was found in late 2003 at Markland Locks and Dam complex in Switzerland County. The plants were growing on large ballast rocks in the low flood beach area of the Ohio River. The site was visited again by Thomas during the 2004 season and found to be essentially unchanged.

INDIANA STATE ENDANGERED (SE) Bacopa rotundifolia (Michx.) Wettst. (Scrophulariaceae). Round-leaved water-hyssop. A small population of perhaps three plants was discovered under the Ohio River bridge just east of Mauckport in Harrison County. The site is a muddy parking lot.

Clinopodium vulgare L. (Lamiaceae). Dogmint. Several populations were found in Crawford County within the Harrison-Crawford State Forest. Additionally, a large population was discovered by Thomas in Jefferson County along a utility easement within the Splinter Ridge Wildlife Management Area.

Euphorbia obtusata Pursh (Euphorbiaceae). Blunt-leaved spurge. A small population was found in Clark County by Thomas in a roadside ditch along State Highway 31 near the entrance to Clark State Forest. A larger site was later discovered by Howell Curtis within the state forest boundaries. Additional populations were found in Scott County by both Thomas and Curtis.

Najas gracillima (A. Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus (Najadaceae). Thread-like naiad. Three new populations found in Harrison County and one in Crawford County, all within the Harrison-Crawford State Forest. All four sites were small ponds, likely remnants of old homesteads.

Ranunculus harveyi (A. Gray) Britton (Ranunculaceae). Harvey's buttercup. During an April 2003 survey of the proposed Budd Road Woodlands Park for the New Albany Floyd County Park Board, a cluster of about 12 Harvey's buttercup were found by Dr. David W. Taylor. Thomas found an additional cluster a few days later. The sites are on an upper, sparsely wooded ridge of the knobs in the segment of the park to be preserved by a forest management and conservation easement in favor of The Nature Conservancy.

Valerianella chenopodifolia (Pursh) DC. (Valerianaceae). Goosefoot cornsalad. During the 2003 season a small population was found by Thomas in Jefferson County near the Splinter Ridge WMA. Populations were later found by Curtis at two sites in Harrison County, one at Tobacco Landing along the Ohio River, and a much larger population at Harrison-Crawford State Forest. In the 2004 season yet another population was found roadside in Harrison County just west of Mauckport.

Verbesina virginica L. (Asteraceae). Frostweed. Several plants were found by Thomas along the Ohio River at Old Dam 44 park/boat ramp in Crawford County just west of the mouth of the Blue River.


Strophostyles leiosperma (Torr. & A. Gray) Piper (Fabaceae). Small-flowered woollybean. A small colony was located on the Indiana University Southeast campus in Floyd County.


Clematis pitcheri Tort. & A. Gray (Ranunculaceae). Pitcher's leatherflower. Found along the higher banks of Mosquito Creek north of New Boston in Harrison County.

Ludwigia decurrens Walter (Onagraceae). Primrose-willow. This species was found to be occasional along the Ohio River floodplain in both Harrison and Crawford counties.

Sagittaria australis (J.G. Sm.) Small (Alismataceae). Long-beaked arrowhead. A small colony of this species was found in a New Albany city park, Floyd County.

Tragia cordata Michx. (Euphorbiaceae). Heart-leaved noseburn. Found along the roadside at Spring Mill State Park in Lawrence County.


Veronica anagallis-aquatica L. (Scrophulariaceae). Water speedwell. This plant was found at two sites along the Ohio River floodplain in the New Albany area, Floyd County, and was also collected from the rocky bed of Indian Creek in downtown Corydon, Harrison County.


We wish to thank Dr. David W. Taylor, Curator of the Indiana University Southeast Herbarium (JEF), for use of the facilities and his encouragement. We thank Michael A. Homoya, Botanist, and others in the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for their continual encouragement and assistance in the search for listed species in southern Indiana and their concern for the preservation of our natural heritage. Thanks also to Gerald J. Pagac, Director of the Division of State Parks and Reservoirs, for providing a collection permit to Maxwell for Charlestown State Park and to Ben Hubbard, Program Director Indiana Division of Forestry, who provided a collection permit for Clark and Harrison-Crawford State Forests. We also appreciate the cooperation of the following Property Managers: Larry Gray of Charlestown Park; Pete Thorn of Harrison-Crawford State Forest; and Walt Zak of Clark State Forest. Special thanks to Drs. George and Kay Yatskievych of the Missouri Botanical Garden for their ongoing help in determining and confirming identifications of Indiana flora. Thanks also to Dr. Lytton Musselman of Old Dominion University for his Cuscuta determination.

Manuscript received 19 January 2005, revised 9 February 2005.


Aldrich, J.R., J.A. Bacone & M.A. Homoya. 1986. List of extirpated, endangered, threatened, and rare vascular plants in Indiana: An update. Proceedings of the Indiana Acadamy of Science 95: 413-41.

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William E. Thomas, Scott P. Ash and Richard H. Maxwell: Herbarium, Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Indiana 47150 USA
Table 1.--State and county records. Abbreviations: SX = State
extirpated; SE = State endangered; ST = State threatened; SR = State
rare; WL = Watch list; s.n. = (sine numero) without a number, followed
by the collection date.

 Collector and
Species Family County number

Acalypha virginica L. Euphorbiaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 576
 var. deamii Weath.
Achyranthes japonica Amaranthaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 1084
 (Miq.) Nakai Jefferson W E. Thomas 1745
Ammania robusta Heer Lythraceae Clark W.E. Thomas 296
 & Regel Crawford W.E. Thomas 462
Arabis shortii Brassicaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 694
 (Fernald) Gleason
Aristolochia Aristolochiaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 873
 serpentaria L.
Bacopa rotundifolia Scrophulariaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 1821
 (Michx.) Wettst.
Bidens discoidea Asteraceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1120
 (Torr. & A. Gray)
Brasenia schreberi Cabombaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 325
 J.F. Gmel. Harrison W.E. Thomas 912
Buglossoides arvense Boraginaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 662
 (L.) I.M. Johnst. Harrison W.E. Thomas 75
Cardamine diphyllia Brassicaceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 3545
 (Michx.) A.W. Wood
Cardamine douglassii Brassicaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 1224
 (Torr.) Britton
Ceratophyllum Ceratophyllaceae Clark L. Townsend s.n.
 demersum L. July, 1968
Ceratophyllum Ceratophyllaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 939
 echinatum A. Gray
Chaenorrhinum minus Scrophulariaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 284
 (L.) Lange Harrison W.E. Thomas 1411
Chaerophyllum Apiaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 699
 procumbens (L.)
 Crantz var.
Chamaesyce serpens Euphorbiaceae Switzerland W.E. Thomas 1098
 (Kunth) Small (SX)
Chorispora tenella Brassicaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 680
 (Pall.) DC.
Clematis pitcheri Ranunculaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 346
 Torr. & A. Gray
Clinopodium vulgare Lamiaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 111
 L. (SE) Jefferson W.E. Thomas 1452
Commelina difusa Commelinaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1788
Cornus obliqua Raf. Cornaceae Clark W.R. Adams 8
 (=C. amomum Miller
 var. schuetzeana
 [C.A. Meyer]
Crepis pulchra L. Asteraceae Clark W.E. Thomas 269
Cuscuta cephalanthi Cuscutaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1611
Cuscuta coryli Cuscutaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 1674
Cuscuta indecora Cuscutaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1115
Cyperus echinatus Cyperaceae Harrison H.C. Curtis 152
 (L.) Wood
Desmodium Fabaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 1042
 (Torr.) Torr. & A.
Dicentra canadensis Fumariaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 739
 (Goldie) Walp.
Dipsacus laciniatus Dipsacaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 423
Egeria densa Planch. Hydrocharitaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1836
Eleocharis Cyperaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 367
 (Michx.) Roem.
 & Schult.
Erysimum repandum L. Brassicaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 698
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 678
Eupatarium Asteraceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 3035
 hyssopifolium L.
Euphorbia obtusata Euphorbiaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 803
 Pursh (SE) Scott H.C. Curtis 73
Euphobia prostrata Euphorbiaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 566
Galinsoga Asteraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 601
 quadriradiata Ruiz
 & Pav.
Galium pedemontanum Rubiaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 73
 (Bellardi) All. Crawford W.E. Thomas 903
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 813
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 240
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 786
Geranium dissectum L. Geraniaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 210
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 788
Geum lacinatum Murray Rosaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 896
 Crawford W.E. Thomas 847
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 259
Gratiola virginiana Scrophulariaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 47
Holosteum umbellatum Caryophyllaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 649
 L. Harrison W.E. Thomas 1262
Houstonia pusilla Rubiaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 665
Humulus japonicas Cannabaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 1430
 Siebold & Zucc.
Humulus lupulus L. Cannabaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1491
Hydrocotyle Apiaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 324
 sibthorpioides Lam. Floyd W.E. Thomas 1157
Hvpericum drummondii Clusiaceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 3363
 (Grev. & Hook.)
 Torr. & A. Gray
Hypericum Clusiaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 386
Ipomoea coccinea L. Convolvulaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 540
Ipomoea lacunosa L. Convolvulaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 596
 Harrison Wanda Pindell 2
Iva annua L. Asteraceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1079
Iva xanthifolia Nutt. Asteraceae Clark Thomas & Maxwell
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 1114
Lemna minor L. Lemnaceae Floyd D.W. Taylor 253
Ludwigia decurrens Onagraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 456
 Walter (SR) Harrison W.E. Thomas 130
Ludwigia leptocarpa Onagraceae Clark W.E. Thomas 614
 (Nutt.) H. Hara Crawford W.E. Thomas 1734
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 583
Ludwigia peploides Onagraceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1650
 (Kunth) P.H. Raven Harrison W.E. Thomas 1046
 subsp. glabrescens
 (Kuntze) P.H. Raven
Lunaria rediviva L. Brassicaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1295
Lythrum alatum Pursh Lythraceae Clark W.E. Thomas 327
Lythrum salicaria L. Lythraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 461
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 292
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 999
Matricaria recutita Asteraceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 749
Matricaria discoidea Asteraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 795
Mirabilis jalapa L. Nyctaginaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1018
Mirabilis nyctaginea Nyctaginaceae Floyd J. Loftin 67
 (Michx.) MacMill.
Monotropa uniflora L. Pyrolaceae Floyd Alice Evans 2
Myosotis arvensis Boraginaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 953
 (L.) Hill
Myosotis macrosperma Boraginaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 829
 Engelm. Harrison W.E. Thomas 71
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 878
Myosotis stricta Link Boraginaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1302
 ex Roem. & Schuh. Floyd W.E. Thomas 727
Myosoton aquaticum Caryophyllaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 902
 (L.) Moench
Myriophyllatm Haloragidaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1495
 spicatum L. Scott W.E. Thomas 1518
Najas guadalupensis Najadaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 1832
 (Spreng.) Magnus
Najas gracillima Najadaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 1814
 (A. Braun ex Harrison W.E. Thomas 1738
 Engelm.) Magnus
Najas minor All. Najadaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas &
 H.C. Curtis
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 1827
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 1837
Osmorhiza Apiaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 810
 (Torr.) D.C.
Oxalis illinoensis Oxalidaceae Harrison Maxwell & Thomas
 Schwegman 3552
Passiflora Passifloraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 1676
 incarnata L.
Pluchea camphorata Asteraceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 545
 (L.) DC.
Polygonum cuspidatum Polygonaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 541
 Siebold & Zucc. Harrison W.E. Thomas 133
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 1447
Potentilla norvegica Rosaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 241
Ranunculus ficaria L. Ranunculaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 663
Ranunculus micranthus Ranunculaceae Clark Lisa Brinksneader
 Nutt. s.n. 6 April
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 1225
Ranunculus sceleratus Ranunculaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 260
Rubus phoenicolasius Rosaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 1409
 Maxim. Floyd R.H. Maxwell 3556
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 1479
Rudbeckia laciniata Asteraceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1066
 L. var. laciniata
Sagina decumbens Caryophyllaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 162
 (Elliott) Torr. &
 A. Gray
Sagittaria australis Alismataceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1162
 (J.G. Sm.) Small
Sagittaria graminea Alismataceae Clark W.E. Thomas 396
Salsola kali L. Chenopodiaceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 1573
Scutellaria Lamiaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 1116
 lateriflora L.
Selaginella eclipes Selaginellaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 101
Silphium perfoliatum Asteraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 981
Sparganium eurycarpum Sparganiaceae Clark W.R. Adams 10
 Engelm. ex A. Gray Crawford W.E. Thomas 404
Spirodela polyrhiza Lemnaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 938
 (L.) Schleid.
Stellaria corei Caryophyllaceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 2939
Stellaria longifolia Caryophyllaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 94
 Muhl. ex Willd.
Strophostyles Fabaceae Floyd R.H. Maxwell 2210
 leiosperma (Torr.
 & A. Gray) Piper
Thlaspi alliaceum L. Brassicaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 654
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 1270
Torilis arvensis Apiaceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 1815
 (Huds.) Link Crawford W.E. Thomas 980
 Floyd W.E. Thomas 906
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 956
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 944
Tragia cordata Euphorbiaceae Lawrence W.E. Thomas 126
 Michx. (SR)
Tragopogon dubius Asteraceae Crawford Lance Stroud 98
 Scop. Floyd Gohmann &
 Weatherholt 100
Triosteum perfoliatum Caprifoliaceae Harrison H.C. Curtis 46
Typha angustifolia L. Typhaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 987
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 1429
Valerianella Valerianaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 805
 chenopodifolia Jefferson W.E. Thomas 782
 (Pursh.) DC. (SE)
Valerianella locusta Valerianaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 206
 (L.) Betcke Harrison W.E. Thomas 760
Valerianella radiata Valerianaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 214
 (L.) Dufr. Harrison W.E. Thomas 783

Valerianella Valerianaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 806
 umbilicata (Sull.)
Verbesina virginica Asteraceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 590
 L. (SE)
Veronica Scrophulariaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 329
 anagallis-ayuatica Harrison W.E. Thomas 1817
 L. (WL)
Veronica hederaefolia Scrophulariaceae Clark Maxwell & Thomas
 L. 3544
Veronica officinalis Scrophulariaceae Clark W.E. Thomas 231
Veronica persica Scrophulariaceae Floyd W.E. Thomas 655
 Poir. Harrison W.E. Thomas 652
 Jefferson W.E. Thomas 1197
Veronica polita Fr. Scrophulariaceae Harrison W.E. Thomas 151
Veronica Scrophulariaceae Clark R.H. Maxwell 2244
 serpyllifolia L. Floyd R.H. Maxwell 3136
Wolffia brasiliensis Lemnaceae Crawford W.E. Thomas 1731
 Wedd. Floyd W.E. Thomas 1583
 Harrison W.E. Thomas 638
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